Do You Want an iWedding?

iWeddingThere was once a time when the wedding DJ was one of the most important parts of any wedding ceremony and reception. From the traditional wedding marches to the omnipresent songs to play at the reception, the DJ had all the best music. Some of the music he would bring would be nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Now we have entered the digital age, and it is a time when mp3 players and iPods are everywhere. Previously hard-to-find songs and music can be found for less than a dollar online, and file sharing makes it possible to get music for no cost. With enough storage, an iPod can hold enough music to play for days without repeating a song. That brings up a valid question. Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to use an iPod at the wedding instead of hiring a DJ?

One of the main reasons to hire a DJ instead of using your iPod is simply for the time involved. The entire painstaking process of devising a playlist and hunting for all the songs you may want to hear takes a lot longer than it seems. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, it seems like there are a million little decisions to make. Building a wedding playlist takes up valuable time that you simply don’t have.

Another reason to avoid the iPod route is that someone has to operate it. Without sophisticated mixers and volume adjustment, it is difficult to have the proper music cued up at the proper time. There may be long, awkward silences during the ceremony, and there may be unexpected sounds at inopportune moments. The wedding DJ has the equipment, the expertise and the experience to know when to play the music and at what volume levels.

The reception and dance are the time when your friends and family want to congratulate you and enjoy the company of others who are sharing this special time with you. A professional wedding DJ will ensure that all the guests, including you and your new spouse, will have an incredible time at your party. They will play your wedding song perfectly and entice others to enjoy the dance floor for the remainder of the reception. They will know how to keep the party going.

In theory, it would be easy to throw some songs on your iPod. Play the wedding march on it, then after the ceremony you could just let it run.  It would save you some money, right? On a day as important as your wedding day, it is crucial that everything be perfect. An iPod or mp3 player just can’t replace the human element that an experienced wedding DJ can provide on your most special day.


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