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8 Beauty Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin as a Daily Make-up Wearer

Skin Care ProductsWearing make-up is a rite of passage for many young women. Make-up can enhance what Mother Nature has already created, making you look your best in public. However, it’s very important to care for the delicate skin on your face because make-up can also be very damaging with daily use. This is because cosmetics contain a variety of chemicals that can get deep under skin layers and cause acne breakouts, skin reactions, puffiness and early signs of aging.

To avoid these common problems and maintain a healthy complexion, here are some expert beauty tips for keeping your face looking youthful and refreshed throughout your life.

1. Choose Make-ups That’s Right For Your Skin Type:

Each person has a unique skin type that dictates the type of make-up you should be using. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy, do your research and pick make-up products that work with your natural beauty, such as the sensitivity of your face and eyes.

2. Use Cosmetics Sparingly On Your Face

No one looks good with make-up plastered onto their face like a cake. Use what you were born with and think of make-up as a way to enhance this, instead of covering everything up. Go for the natural look, so no one knows you are wearing any make-up.

3. Try Products Made From Organic Ingredients

To help reduce the amount of damage caused by toxins in some make-products. For example, some make-up contains formaldehyde, which is used as a preservative. Instead, opt for make-up made from organics.

4. Treat Blemishes And Skin Conditions:

Irritations and acne is a sign of a health issue, therefore you must take steps to treat them as soon as possible. Don’t just cover them up with concealer because doing so will make them worse.

5. Avoid Going To Bed With Make-Up On

No matter what, always take the time to go to bed with a clean face. If you happen to make the mistake of falling asleep after a night out on the town, be sure to give your face an extra scrubbing in the morning to remove built up dirt and oils in the skin.

6. Toss Out Old Make-Up Products

Make-up needs to be refreshed at least once or twice a year. Take the time to read the instructions on each package and toss out any make-up that smells, is separating, or is over a year old. Replace with a fresh container, to avoid bacterial infections.

7. Never Share Make-Up With Others

One big mistake that young people make, and even working women, is sharing their make-up products with girlfriends. This introduces harmful bacteria and germs into your make-up, causing you to break out.

8. Stick To A Daily Cleansing Routine

Above all else, take the time to establish a daily routine of washing your face with a gentle cleanser and following up with a light moisturizer at least once in the morning and once before heading for bed. This will help keep your face looking its best.

Using make-up on a daily basis is a skill that takes years of practice to look great. Take the time to care for your sensitive facial areas, and especially around your eyes, for a youthful look that will last a lifetime. Learn more about skin care and the ingredients found in cosmetics at Web MD.


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