Building Charm Silver Bracelets

The Ideal Gift: White Silver Necklace & Silver Bracelets for Girls?

Your daughter’s all grown up. What do you get a pretty, innocent & fashion conscious 12-year-old girl. Will it be a white silver necklace or earrings? Maybe she’d prefer one of those trendy silver bracelets for girls? It’s not only your daughter that you can gift silver necklace or bracelets to. Try your best buddies, wives, girlfriends, mothers, or any woman to whom you want to show your appreciation.

Silver Necklaces for Younger Women

Silver Necklaces for Younger WomenA sterling silver necklace with a pearl pendant is very appropriate for a young lady in her teens. You could give it to her with a small note saying it is the start of her personal fine jewelry collection. You could even give one for her prom. A Bronze Color Silver Necklace with chocolate lattice work is a great gift for a girl going to her junior prom. Give in to your teenager’s angst and gothic rock tendencies and give her a pretty Silver Necklace with Onyx pendant. It has both rocker-babe chic as well elegance that will appeal to your rebellious daughter and to you- the parent. Many young celebrities like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus have been seen wearing gold plated silver necklaces with round pendant- chic yet modern looking piece of jewelry that your daughter is sure to identify with.

Building Charm Silver Bracelets

Building Charm Silver BraceletsYou can even build her charm beads silver bracelets for women that will give her a personalized feel. Match her outfits to the beads or sit together and choose what you like at any one of the online jewelry stores that are popular. A leather and silver bracelet with pearls is just the sort of thing that young teen heartthrobs are seen in. Mila Kunis is often seen in pieces like the Amidala Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating set with a black pearl.

Or Cheap Silver Rings?

In contrast, the Leia Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating is set with cream-hued mother of pearl. Traditionally, pearls were seen as appropriate wear for a young girl, while it was much older unmarried or married women of all ages who wore diamonds. But that rule doesn’t apply nowadays. So indulge the precious apple of your eye with a Blondie Ring in Stainless Steel with Gold Plating that will give her an ultra-cool attitude in front of her friends.

Bridal Shower Gifts

Of course, giving a white silver necklace doesn’t need to be confined only to your close relations. You can give this as a bridal shower gift to a very close friend. If your budget allows and you’re the bride, you can gift your bridesmaids with necklaces and your flower girls with silver bracelets for girls. A simple and elegant Light Gold Plated Silver Bangle will look good on your bridesmaids or flower-girls and they can use it with any other outfit as well.

Finding Affordable Jewelry

So look closely at your friends and daughter’s tastes in jewelry. If you mean to surprise them, then you will have to pay attention to whether they prefer a white silver necklace or think silver bracelets for girls is too silly. Remember your budget won’t be strained if you visit websites that advertise cheap jewelry online.


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