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What To Wear To A Wedding?

Weddings are always a joyous occasion where people gather together to celebrate love and friendship. If you are attending a wedding, do you know what to wear?

In order for the wedding to run smoothly, and for you to have a good time, you need to follow certain wedding fashion etiquette and rules.

This is neither the time nor the place where you want to get into an argument or cause a scene, especially because of something you wore that was deemed inappropriate.

Attending as a guest

You received an invitation in the mail to attend your friend or family member’s wedding, and you can’t wait! When you are attending this event as a guest, you need to consider the following fashion protocol:

1. Stylish and well-fitted clothes

This is a special occasion, which means that it’s the perfect time to wear an outfit that is stylish and well fitted. Do you know what your measurements are when you are shopping for a dress?

Take some time to look for companies that specialize in manufacturing garments for weddings, and for your specific body type. For example, if you are searching for plus size wedding outfits, you don’t need to look any farther than the boutique fashion store Froxx.

2. Something that fits the venue

Depending on where the venue is held, make sure to wear an outfit that is deemed appropriate. If it is held in a church, are your shoulders covered when you step in?

3. Don’t wear white

The number one wedding mistake that you can make as a guest is to wear white to the wedding. The bride’s wedding dress should be the primary attention-grabbing garment at this event.

Considering that this is not your day, you shouldn’t try to outshine the bride. This will only cause unnecessary conflict.

4. Leave sweatpants and denim at home

This is a reminder that sweatpants or denim have no place at a wedding. Even if you found what you think is the perfect denim dress, you should save it for a weekend get together with friends, and not a wedding.

5. Check the quality of the garment

Make sure that what you are wearing does not have any rips, holes or stains on it.

When you are at the event itself, take care to not spill any wine or food accidentally on your dress. You won’t have an opportunity to go home and change.

6. Accessorize

If you choose to wear a solid colored dress, why not add some fun accessories to the outfit that will bring the entire look together? Buy a bold statement necklace, some long earrings, or even a hairpiece that will compliment your look at the wedding.

Follow the tips outlined here, and your wedding experience is guaranteed to be perfect. Remember, this is an opportunity for you to connect with friends, family members, and to have fun! Life can get busy sometimes and you don’t always have an opportunity to have a big gathering of people in one spot, all of whom you love and care for.


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