Tips For Ordering Clothing Online

Tips For Ordering Clothing Online

Shopping online is one of the best ways to purchase stylish and affordable clothes that fit you perfectly. Getting the right size can be tricky, but once you understand a company it is easy to order from that company again in the future. Ordering online can save you time, money, and give you an incredible wardrobe. Here are some tips for ordering clothing online so you can have the best possible experience.

Sleeveless Wrap BlouseUnderstand Your Materials

How a piece of clothing feels to the touch is important. Different materials flatter the body in various ways as well. Understanding your materials is important for shopping online. You cannot touch the clothes you are going to purchase. There are a few materials you should understand before ordering from Jigsaw London.

Cotton jersey is a material that has a softer texture than regular cotton. This material is universally flattering and easy to care for.

Silk is a luxury material that requires extra care. It is slippery to touch. Silk scarves for women sold by Jigsaw London are a beautiful way to add this material to your wardrobe. Silk-trim blouses are also available.

Cashmere and cashmere-mix sweaters are a luxury purchase with unparalleled softness. Merino and wool are similar materials that you should also understand the texture of. They can be soft or textured.

Polyester is usually the cheapest type of material, but it has its own benefits. It can be slinky and thin, or it can be thicker.

Understanding the difference between viscose and rayon will save you a lot of stress. Most of the time the fabric doesn’t make a difference, but sometimes it can influence fit and style.


Knowing whether or not clothing will fit you when you order online is the main complaint that shoppers have. A sizing chart will help you understand how each item will fit.

The first step to understanding how something fits is to get out a measuring tape and measure your body. Dress and skirts sizing are different from pants. Having a list of your measurements will make shopping online easier. You will need to know your shoulder width, waist, bust, hip, and thigh measurements. Knowing your inseam is also useful when buying trousers for women. Dress and skirt sizing is sometimes larger or allows more sizing generosity.

A major thing to account for is the length of items as well as shoulder width. Narrow shoulders may require petite sizing. These are the areas where clothing can be tricky to order.

Sizing Guide for ClothsSizing charts are typically accurate within a half-inch to an inch. If an item looks like it is designed to be oversized, then you will probably have more room to fit into it. A poncho will be designed this way. A maxi dress is also more forgiving in size. A women’s wool coat will need to be more fitted though.

Jigsaw London provides a size chart that covers all clothing. Keep in mind each clothing piece is unique. You will need to use visual judgment when choosing. If an item is designed to be loose, then you should choose your correct size.

Measurements Guide

Accessory Sizing

sometimes a handbag looks larger than it is in real life. Don’t be disappointed when ordering clothing online. Silk scarves for women vary in length and width too. Be sure to check these dimensions. Understand what the product dimensions mean. Compare these dimensions to an item you already have. A hobo handbag purse can be compared to another bag. That is the easiest way to ensure you get what you want from your purchases.

Return Policy

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the return policy of the store before ordering. This will save you trouble if that maxi dress or women’s wool coat doesn’t fit you properly. Understanding the store policies before placing an order online is the best way to get acquainted with the store you are ordering from.


Following the above tips will help you get the best fit and experience when ordering women’s clothing and accessories online. When that gorgeous maxi dress fits you perfectly, you will be thrilled and excited. Once you learn how a company fits you, you can order again with more knowledge about what to expect from each garment.

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