Kids Army Costume for Halloween

Where to Buy Your Kids Army Costume for Halloween

The fascinating history of the celebration known as “Halloween” dates back 2000 years ago, to the ancient Celtic festival of the “Samhain”. Signified by people lighting bonfires, and wearing costumes of various sorts to ward off ghosts. During the 18th century, the pope at the time, Gregory III dubbed November 1st as a time to honor all the saints.

Over time, from honoring all the saints, it changed into a festivity known as “All Hallows Eve”, and later on was back to being called Halloween, which now meant activities such as carving jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins, dressing into costumes of all sorts, eating treats and the best part, the trick-or-treating. Some further interesting reading can be found on this historical website.

Costumes Worn During Halloween

Costumes Worn During Halloween 1The day itself marked the end of summer and the beginning of the cold winter season. The Celts believed that the day before the 1st of November, the border between the living and the dead became blurred and the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. Possibly why the majority of the outfits we find in rental stores or wear on the day of, comprise of ghosts, wizards, Witcraft and witches, and flying brooms.

As this is the main costume-wearing holiday celebrated by the world, as the progression of modernity took place the costumes seemingly changed to a wider spectrum of outfits ranging from catsuits, to (modern) witches, and creatures from other worlds such as aliens, to nurses, military uniforms, pilots you name it. It has started to lean more towards a fashion and creative statement than a historical and “ghostly” one.

Nevertheless, many of these outfits can be found in either brick and mortar stores that hire out their costumes, so you don’t need to make one, or in online stores where you can find the same and perhaps an even wider collection of sorts. For most, the traditional effort of wearing costumes and outrageous makeup was done at home. Nowadays, however, you can buy anything and everything online.

In the year 2020, it seems as though the idea of wearing the army costume, especially for kids, has come to light. The trend has gotten very popular and a lot of buyers are looking to purchase an outfit before it gets sold out. But where would one buy an army costume for your kid for Halloween? We look at a few below and include some tips on where to look.

Where to Look for Army Costumes for Your Children

Halloween partyFor those who already have an idea; the regulars, often buy the best costumes that money can buy, however for some newbies, it’s far from that. This may not be something you can ask a neighbour or a friend, because the competition for clothes is so high this time of the year that people may not divulge the details of where they buy their costumes from for reason that they may not get it this time around. Not all costume stores keep tons of the same outfits, sometimes they are one-off pieces and sometimes they make them by the dozen.

First, search for the local stores in your area and the neighbouring town’s shopping malls and small-town stores. They often have seasonal costumes and department stores with reasonably priced items in hangers. They may not be the best quality though. However, if you looking for children’s outfits, they could still be worth it because if they get ruined, you’re not losing much.

Secondly, opt for a specialty store that hires out costumes for various occasions such as birthdays, Christmas Santa outfits, and elves, and has party gear. Chances are you will find one there. Some stores particularly these types, open only for the season, so typically from August to October, and then shut again so you may be surprised to find one open now, which wasn’t a few weeks ago.

Thirds you can visit a charity or goodwill shop or any other second-hand clothing store that has everything. Again, the more local options you visit the higher your chances. You may not find the entire outfit at these stores but at least you will find bits and pieces like accessories or smaller items to complement the outfit perfectly. Plus, if you’re throwing a Halloween party at home, you could grab some spooky napkins and décor from these stores for a dime a dozen.

Lastly, you can go to the one place almost everyone goes first before stepping foot out of the door – Online. Visiting online costume stores would be the best bet if any of the above doesn’t help. Check out shops like that specialize in certain costumes and may have the possibility of carrying the items all year long. Here there are few things to keep in mind, such as grabbing your outfit early to avoid the rat race and waiting periods for “Out of Stock” items.

As with any themed parties, purchasing your kids’ costume is always under a time constraint. It is always best to decide which costume to wear early on. Making the selection way ahead gives you more time to choose the theme, customize the outfit and, create an overall concept about your kid’s look. More so, if you order the costume online, it gives you ample time for shipping and then customizing as you see fit.

If you are lucky some may have an “early bird” price too. Check for things such as shipping costs, look for a size chart and make sure you know what size your kids will fit into, check to see if they have a return policy, and of course, most importantly, they must have Army outfits of various selections to make it worth the while.

When buying the costumes, online or in a physical store, do consider which website to buy from. Check out and compare the location of the physical store or warehouse. A few things to take into consideration are comparisons with shipping costs, return policies, size charts. Customer reviews give a major impact too. Choose sites that provide good images and are easy to navigate. These also make your shopping experience easier.


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