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Why It May Be a Bad Idea to Travel the World

Millions around the world desire for a chance to travel and experience life beyond their borders. You have probably heard how traveling is great, makes you change your perspective of life, gives you a chance to meet new people and it is also adventurous as it allows to see and experience new things.

Though most of these things are true, traveling can sometimes be very hectic and it comes with a lot of unknown variables that can prove to not be any fun at all. Sometimes, it thinks it would just be a good thing to stay home and don’t explore any further than you already did. With that said, here are my reasons why you should just stay at home and don’t bother yourself with traveling the world.

Traveling Requires Money

Traveling requires moneyIt is a fact that traveling is not cheap. If you want to have a great trip, you need to have a considerable budget to take you to the places that will bring you more joy. It means that you will have to get air tickets, park fees, and some more that you will use while on the ground. With half of the world leaving below a dollar a day, why would you spend so much money to see the world when you could invest that money in some other more meaningful things and keep on growing it? Besides, you would be the greatest moron to take a loan just to travel the world, and so it won’t hurt to just stay at home and focus on your life.

Language Barriers

Language barriersIf you are from Europe or the United States, visiting English speaking nations won’t be a problem since you will find it easy to speak with the locals. Again, most countries around the world speak English so communication may not be a big challenge. But restricting yourself to countries that can converse only in English may not be fun at all. And you don’t want to be going to places where you will have no idea of what people are talking about. This can make the traveling experience to so frustrating that it would have been a good thing if you stayed at home, or toured your own country.

Travelling is Danger

There is a lot of danger that comes with traveling. This is not just about harm coming to your person, but also due to certain things you have no control over. For example, you are always at the risk of falling sick during your trips, getting into accidents that can get you hospitalized in foreign countries, getting robbed by thugs, being abducted and huge ransoms being demanded from your poor family and much more. All these are so scary, and always have the possibility of happening. Therefore, to avoid all the stress and ensure you are always safe, the best thing to do would be to stick to your country and let those who are not so concerned with their safety to embark on world tours.

Boring Immigration Rules

Boring immigration rulesImmigration issues is another reason why traveling may not be an attractive thing, after all. If you are planning to visit a country like Canada, you may be in some luck because the entry process is relatively simple. You can apply for a tourist visa or fill the Canada ETA form of you are from visa-exempt countries. Check out more information about entering Canada in this link. But for other countries such as the USA, Germany and the UK, given a permit to get into the country is such a hassle.

You will be subjected to long application process, interviews and scrutiny about your financial and personal status, and the saddest thing is that after all that trouble, you end up not getting the visa. This is not to mention that you shall have used money in the process. Such is a waste of time, effort and resources and you might as well enjoy your peaceful life without struggling to pay to go and see other people’s country.

The Food is Weird

The food is weirdCan you imagine eating things you have never eaten in your entire life? It is good to respect other people’s culture and not talk bad about what they eat, but you will find the food in some places to be extreme. You will find some cultures eating thing you would normally consider as taboos and things you would never touch as food.

So what happens when you get to such a place and you are hungry, yet what is available can’t be imagined traveling down your throat? One, you will have a very nasty experience, and two, you may have to stay hungry for long as you search for places where you can find the kinds of foods you are used to eating. For this reason, it is safe to stay at home and enjoy the meals you are used to. No need to risk falling sick by trying to be adventurous and eating things you have never eaten before.

You will encounter very strange customs

In some places, you will find the customs to be so limiting that they will just sniffle the joy in you. In your home country, you are used to your customs and you find life so easy with them. But when you travel, you meet very strange practices, and the sad thing is that disobeying them can land you into serious problems with the locals.

For example, can you imagine eating while sitting on the floor because that is what the custom says, or not being allowed to dress in a certain way simply because of religion? Some of the customs you will meet will be very primitive, but since you shouldn’t be rude and obey your hosts, you are compelled to play along. You can simply avoid all those by not traveling and sticking to the customs you have in your own country.

But if you don’t care about any of these and all you want is to travel and see the world, then you are free to take your chances. Just be careful to stay safe and come back home in one piece.


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