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10 Inexpensive Gifts for Women

Gifting is a great way to increase mutual love and understanding. Gifts also play a strong role in determining the actual feelings of one partner towards another. The subject and theme of gifts can change according to the occasion. But you need to stay close to the recent gifting trends, which represent any special time. Girls love to be pampered and they can feel delighted if you give them the best gifts. It is recommended to surprise your girl but you can plan any type of gifts according to the likings of your girl. Here I am going to discuss 10 inexpensive gifts for women, which you can gift them on any particular occasion or for no reason at all. You can save money and spend it on other activities with your girl.

1. Gift Certificate:

Gift CertificateNowadays there are special gift certificates published by different companies. You can give her a gift certificate specially meant for personal care. Girls love to look good and want to stay in shape always. There are several different types of gift certificates but you need to choose a specific gift certificate, which will be meant for her only.

2. Writing Journals:

Gift Writing JournalsWriting journals are great if your girl likes to jot down thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper. Along with a journal you can also gift an elegant pen. It will be a nice memory of your relationship.

3. Personalized Calendar:

Gift Personalized CalendarPersonalized calendars are very easy to make, you can prepare it yourself or seek help also. You can include different photographs, which you took together this will definitely put a broad smile on the face of your girl.

4. Scrapbook:

Gift ScrapbookIt is also one of the greatest and cheapest gifts for women. You can choose any type of scrapbook for your girl, keeping in mind her favorite colors also. There are many things which need to be arranged in a proper manner especially the photographs, letters and other paper writings. It is a great medium for preserving all of these memories and smiling once you come across them.

5. Bubble Bath:

Gift Bubble BathWomen love taking a long bath in the tub filled with the right scented bubbles and the best candles. You can enhance this experience by gifting any favorite book and sexy lingerie so she could wear it after bath. Nothing can be compared to a relaxing experience of bubble bath with a favorite book.

 6. Audio and Video Collection:

Gift Audio and Video CollectionIf you exactly know the type of music your girl prefers then you can record a CD with all the special tracks. By choosing the best songs for her you will make her feel important and your value will increase in her eyes too.

7. Movies:

Gift MoviesEverybody loves different types of movies. You can gather a collection of best movies and get the best print. You can give other gifts with a movie package, which is some sort of snacks to much along or any other favorite liquor.

8. Cameras:

Gift CamerasThere are many cameras, which are not expensive and can be gifted. Your girlfriend can use the camera to take pictures of both of you and enjoy the time.

9. Makeup Kit:

Gift Makeup KitThere are different makeup kits available in the market today, which you can gift to your girl. Most of the makeup kits include all of the basic tools.

10. Flower Basket:

Gift Flower BasketLast but not the least definitely. You can purchase a combination of different flowers arranged in a beautiful basket ready for her to make her day.

All of the gifts discussed above are quite economical and hope you like them. You can try these gifts on any type of occasion and make it a memorable one. You can always suggest any better ideas in the comment box.


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