Personalised Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

15 Unique Personalised Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are the unsung heroes of the whole wedding process. Your besties are the ones who go from shop to shop with you to find the perfect wedding gown for you so that you will look like a princess on your special day. Bridesmaids are there for you in all crazy preparations of your wedding; from listening to your chatter about topics related to the wedding to calming your nerves before you say, “I do”.

We understand that you have sincere gratitude for your bridesmaids who not only organise a fantastic hen party for you but also help you lift your gown whenever you need to use the restroom on your D-day. To acknowledge their help and support, personalised bridesmaids gifts are a perfect choice. Personalising any item makes it unique and beautiful and brings a smile on the receiver’s face.

If you are looking for bridesmaids gift ideas, then we are happy to help. Here’s a list of bridesmaid gifts for budgets small and large.

15 Personalised Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Monogram Necklace

Who doesn’t love necklaces? Monogram necklaces are cherry on the cake. Personalised necklaces are a great way of spoiling your girlfriends with luxury. The great thing is that you can order them in any material of your choice, be it silver, platinum or any other metal which suits your budget.

Name Ring

You won’t be the only one who will be walking away with a ring on her hand. You can gift your bridesmaids beautiful name rings. The personalised rings are a great way to show how much you value the efforts that your bridesmaids have put in your wedding preparations.

Monogram Agate Coaster

Want your coffee lover friends to remember you as soon as they wake up? Gift them agate coasters with their initials. Handcrafted agate coasters are sold individually; they are one of the unique budget-friendly gifts for your bridesmaids.

Personalised Bridesmaid Charm Bangle

If your bridesmaids are into jewellery, then they will definitely love bridesmaid charm bangle. Bangles are versatile; they can be worn with any piece of clothing, be it dresses or jeans. You can buy bridesmaid charm bangle in silver or rose gold finish. Personalise the bangle to increase its charm.

Personalised Candle

Do your girlfriends love scented candles? Scented candles are perfect for lifting the mood. They are helpful to wind down at the end of the day. A relaxing bath with the beautiful aroma of scented candles encourages the body to relax. Personalise the candles by adding a thank you note to the bridesmaids.

Personalised Bathrobe

Personalised bathrobes are a kind of gift item that can be utilised daily. Personalised bathrobes can be worn by your bridesmaids while getting ready for your wedding. They look unique and stylish in getting ready wedding pictures. You can personalise the bathrobes in your bridesmaids’s favourite colours.

Personalised Slippers

Slippers will look cool with the personalised bathrobe. If you plan to give only slippers, then personalise the item to enhance its beauty. Choose cosy slippers with faux fur that can be worn in spa parties as well.

Personalised Tote Bag

Girls love bags. Your bridesmaids will appreciate if you’ll buy personalised tote bags for them. Personalised Tote bags will help your girls to stand out. Personalised tote bags are a great gift that can be used on and after the wedding.

Spa Gift Card

After all the hard work, it’s time to relax! What better way to relax than a spa? Choose a custom spa for your bridesmaids to help them rejuvenate after the wedding. You can choose the services in the gift card according to the liking of each of your bridesmaids.

Personalised Styling Kit

You can gift your bridesmaids a personalised styling kit, which will help them to get shiniest and softest hair. Include a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, along with a volumizer and a flat iron in the kit. You can also add a little thank you note for them for being your bridesmaids.

Monthly Sheet Masks

If your bridesmaids are into skin care, then monthly sheet masks will make them happy. You can add 4 to 5 sheet masks in the one-month subscription. Make sure to personalise the sheet masks by asking the provider to add the name of the bridesmaid on the box in which sheet masks come. You can go one step further and choose the masks according to the skin concerns of your bridesmaids; for example, there are hydrating masks for dry skin, pore minimising masks, etc.

Custom Phone Case

Custom phone cases are affordable and hassle-free gift items. Phone cases with name on them are a cute little gift item that will steal the heart of your bridesmaids. This item will be useful in protecting the phone of your girlfriends from cracking and breaking. Before gifting a custom phone case know which model of the phone, each one of your bridesmaids is using.

Personalised Pocket Journal

You might be thinking that who use pocket journals in today’s digital world, but pocket journals are a go-to tool of writers, bloggers, and people who love to travel. If your bridesmaids are the ones who love to make “to do list” or love to write about their daily experiences, a personalised pocket journal would be an ideal gift for them.

Personalised Ring Dish

A monogram ring dish in pastel colours will look gorgeous. Your bridesmaids can use the ring dish to drop the daily wear jewellery in it. It can be placed near the nightstand to drop small little pieces of earrings. Ring dish is beneficial if you don’t want your perfect piece of necklace to get lost in the house.

Personalised Cooler Chair

If your friends are less into makeup and jewellery and more into activities, you can gift them a personalised cooler chair. Gift your bridesmaids a convenient cooler chair so that each time they sit on the chair, they will think of you.


Bridesmaid’s gifts are a great way to show appreciation for the constant love and support you receive from your loyal girlfriends. There is no match for the hard work your besties put in making your wedding a dreamy affair. A well-chosen personalised gift is a great way to show your gratitude to your lovely bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids will surely beam with happiness by receiving personalised gift items as a token of love and appreciation.


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