Romantic Labor Day Weekend

3 Ideas for a Romantic Labor Day Weekend

This year’s Labor Day weekend plans may look a little different if you’re still taking precaution among the pandemic. Some may feel uneasy about crowds, while others may be more open to venture out while following safety guidelines. Either way, that shouldn’t stop you from being creative and enjoying each other’s company for the three day weekend. Whether it’s a weekend at home or a quick trip to a destination where social distancing is possible, here are a few romantic ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the best weekend for you and your significant other.

At-home food tour

Beautiful young lovely couple is smiling while cooking together in kitchen at home

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a food tour in your city but can’t ever seem to find the time, here’s your chance to do it at home. Whether it’s a new restaurant that just opened, a swanky restaurant that you’ve had your eye on, or tapas from a popular bar, you can plan on takeout for the next three or four days if you call ahead to check on the restaurant’s availability. Pair it with your favorite bottle of wine or make your favorite cocktails together and have not one, but a few romantic dinners at home with some new eats.

Dinner and a movie under the stars

Dinner and a movie under the stars

For something more intimate, an activity like making dinner together over the weekend can put a twist on your everyday routine. Having a friendly competition for making the best personalized pizza, or making the entree to complement the side dishes can stir some playful conversation and moments. Dining al fresco with a special table set up outdoors will take any simple dinner to the next level and revive any boring patio furniture. Table linens from August Table, candle votives, floral arrangements, and special flatware may be a fun way to do something different.

After dinner, you can set up your outdoor projector and enjoy a movie under the stars. It may even be better than the drive-in.

Book a staycation

Book a staycation

If you’re itching to go out but don’t want to be near crowds, booking a staycation at a resort a couple hours from home may be a safer way to travel while still getting away. Whether it’s up in the mountains, hidden in the canyon somewhere, or sitting on a beach, a staycation may give you all the vacation feels without worrying about social distancing on a plane or other forms of public transportation. Once there, you can enjoy the on-site amenities together such as a couples massage, breakfast in bed brought to you by room service, or enjoying the nearby surroundings. If you both enjoy the outdoors, make sure you pack some hiking gear to hit a nearby trail. Packing a breakfast or lunch in reliable bags from places like Jack Wolfskin may be a fun idea to take with you so that the two of you can have a picnic by a waterfall or overlooking the city.

The best way to execute a romantic weekend is to plan ahead and make sure you are both on the same page. That way, you already know what’s on the itinerary and can make sure to block out that time for each other.


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