Wearing Jewelry On The Beach
Wearing Jewelry On The Beach

3 Tips For Wearing Jewelry On The Beach

Summer is knock, knock, knocking at our door and carrying with it hot days, one can only endure by spending a day on the beach or the pool. If you think it is enough to put on you bathing suit, grab a towel and flip-flops, and head to the beach, you have never been more wrong. The beach has become, in case you haven’t noticed, a cat-walk of its own. So what can you do? You can join the club of fashionistas that are rockin’ accessories with their swimsuits. Of course, any one could take a random necklace and pair it up with any swimsuit, but it takes a true fashion aficionado to do it right. Following some of the advices bellow, you may easily get there.

1. Match The Styles

Jewelry On The Beach - Match The Styles
Jewelry On The Beach – Match The Styles

The most important step is to make sure the jewelry matches your swimsuit. You wouldn’t wear pearls with sweatshirt, wouldn’t you? The same goes for swimsuits. With sporty swimsuit a simple pair of hoop earrings would be enough. If your suit is youthful and with trendy graphics you can have fun with bright colored jewelry like neon or pink. If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to go for classic look, and a swimsuit with high cut bottoms, you can be creative by choosing the same style jewelry, like retro pendants and barrettes. For a more modern look and a simple solid color bathing suit, accessories can add a bit of edginess, if you choose for the simple but effective ones. The best choices are cuff bracelets and color-block necklaces. Interesting exotic swimsuits demand equally exotic jewelry, so go for the Moroccan chic.

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2. It’s All One Big Puzzle

Jewelry On The Beach
Jewelry On The Beach

Make choosing the right jewelry a matching game. It’s not all about swimsuit. It has to match the other accessories you might have. With all of these pieces you can make a certain look that will mean something to you. If you are a romantic soul, chose a simple swimsuit, and some of the many different breezy beach kaftans, and match it with a golden or silver cuff bracelet and a pendant necklace. If you prefer the old Hollywood elegance, opt for the retro bathing suit with a floppy sun hat and some cute retro jewelry, like cherry earrings. It can be a fun game. For example, you can choose a bracelet with the same pattern as on your flip-flops. Or a pendant on your necklace may be the same as the one you have on your beach bag.

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3. Low-Maintenance = Low Worries

We all know that bijouterie can’t always take the pressure of summer sun, and especially a lot of water, so choose your jewelry carefully. It should be, up to some point, waterproof. This means, that the layers of color or some parts of the material shouldn’t fall of, after you spend some time in the water. And if you can’t be sure that it will endure some longer period, then, don’t bother wasting a lot of money on it. Better go for the cheaper option, which you can easily replace with another, equally cheap, once the first one is out of use.

Here’s a million dollar tip for the end: The most important trick is to match the swimsuit and the accessories with your personality. This way, nothing you choose may be “a fashion no-no”, but everything you put on becomes “a self-confidence yes yes”.

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