Stocking – An Essential Wardrobe Accessory For A Women

Stockings are very useful pieces of underwear when women want to create a flawless finish to their legs. It is also an important accessory for formal outfits that makes a whole look “put-together” . Some women find their outfit lacking if they are not wearing any, maybe it’s just so comfortable to wear. So, find out what is it about stockings that women love so much and the different types that you may want to look at for future purchases.

What is a Stocking?

It is a snug and elastic undergarment that covers the foot and reaches up to partially cover the thigh or sometimes ends just above the knee. It is made from different materials that ranges from opaque to ultra sheer depending on your purpose. It makes a fashion statement and also for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes too.

Wearing stockings are a bonus for your legs:

  • Stockings are made of very elastic materials to snugly fit your legs comfortably
  • These materials can vary from opaque, that is ideal for the cool weather and gives the necessary warmth you need, to the ultra sheer kind that is perfect for the hot weather and allows your skin to breathe.
  • Some also use stockings for the extra support it provides especially to those who work on jobs that require standing for long hours. It saves them from getting varicose veins and prevents it from worsening in the future.
  • Another benefit is the allure it gives when women wear it. It is just so enticing and sexy for a woman that wears it. So, for night-outs in town, try to make it a part of your party outfit.

Guide to purchasing stockings:

  1. Buy a stocking of good quality

Stockings vary in prices, some can be very cheap while the others can be ridiculously expensive.

So, which are the ones to buy? First, never buy the cheapest ones you find, they will tear the moment you put them on and that is a waste of money. Don’t buy the most expensive ones either. It would be like paying more than you should for the quality you can get with a mid-priced stocking.

  1. Know your right size

You should know your size correctly for the right fit. Remember, that you are going to be wearing your stockings for the rest of the day and an ill-fitting one is very uncomfortable. Too-snug stockings can bring more harm than good to your health and the loose ones are never aesthetically pleasing to look at.

  1. Stockings should match your color

One goal of these stockings is to give an illusion of flawless skin. To achieve that, you should match the shade of your stocking to your own personal skin tone. If you are dark-skinned, a dark brown or black-colored stocking would look best on you. If you are on the fair side, a nude or creamy white shade would do well for you too.

Different varieties of stockings:

Different types of stockings are available almost in all malls and department stores, but you could also buy them through the online lingerie shopping. Here are some of them:

  1. Seamed stockings – these are the kinds that have seams running up the middle of the stockings.
  2. Compression stockings – these are ideal for people suffering from varicose veins and for those who wants relief from tired and painful legs as this kind of stocking can improve the blood flow in the leg area.
  3. Nylon stockings – so far, are the most popular and wearable. These vary from opaque t ultra sheer types and comes in black, nudes and grays.
  4. Patterned stockings – this is ideal for nights out and parties. It is fashionable and comfortable too.

Stockings can be very versatile pieces of underclothes too. They can be worn almost anywhere and with anything. The goal is simple: to give women the confidence to flaunt their legs out in the open. So, if you’re thinking twice about going out with an outfit that bares much of your legs, seek out a pair of quality stockings and enjoy its comfort and style. Truly, the stocking is your new best friend.


Sunny is working for PrivyPleasures. He loves everything about clothes and online shopping. Also he understands that female buyers find it difficult to buy lingerie from retail stores, and nowadays, most prefer to buy it online.