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How To Organize A Bridal Spa Party

Planning a wedding is not that simple at all. There are numerous things you need to keep in mind, from inviting guests, finding perfect dress and ring, to renting an adequate venue and employing experienced vendors. Each of these tasks is extremely complicated and requires spending a lot of time and effort on its realization. However, apart from all these obligations, you need to pay attention to one more thing- bridal shower party.

No matter how stressful it is, your wedding will definitely be one of the most amazing and unforgettable days of your life. You need to be fresh, calm and completely relaxed when this day comes. One of the best ways to do that is to organize an astonishing bridal spa party. Today, spas have become one of the hottest places where bridal showers are organized. This could be a perfect way to celebrate your new life that will be changed from the root and to spend an entire day with your dearest girlfriends. Here are some amazing suggestions how to plan such day.

Determine your budget

Before you start planning your bridal spa party, you need to set the budget. If you think that you can approximately guess how much money such event will cost, you are wrong. There are always numerous unpredictable things that could happen. That is why you need to know how much money you can invest. Once you determine your budget, you will be able to freely choose a venue and a spa package you like and not exceed it.


First things first, you need to think about setting the date. Before you organize everything, you should ask your friends if they could make it. The best idea is probably choosing weekend, when most people are available.

Once you set the date, you should look for a spa center that meets all your needs. If you are planning a spa party for a small number of friends, you could also organize a trip to a spa, which would be an unforgettable experience. For example, beach setting and wine country are just some of numerous breath-taking ideas. However, if the group is larger, you should organize the event at your venue.

bridal preparationThe next step is choosing spa specials. You need to find a spa that would meet all your needs. Ask if there are any bridal groups, which could also bring you numerous benefits. Bridal programs usually include several amazing services for a reasonable price. For example, you could plan a relaxing massage treatment, deep and refreshing facials and manicure and pedicure services. Such treatments will make both you and your bridesmaids look fresh and gorgeous at the wedding.

bridesmaids productsFinally, you are supposed to send invitations. Although this is just a formal part, you need to make it as special as possible. Provide your invitees with some basic information such as date, venue, and guest list and come up with unique text and design.

Personalize your spa party

Apart from choosing proper spa programs, you need to make your friends feel loved and comfortable. One of the best ways to do that is give them a present. Since you are organizing a spa party, you could for example design your own elegant satin robes. Since they are comfortable and luxurious, they will make all of you feel like queens.

Personalize your spa party copyThere is also an option for you to personalize your robes by numerous embroidery techniques. You could also choose scented candles and bath salts that would be packaged in specially designed boxes and give them to your bridesmaids.


When organizing a hen’s party, you need to be careful about every detail. You shouldn’t forget to choose a menu for the event. Since you are planning a spa party, you and your friends probably care a lot about your looks. In accordance to that, the meal should be light and simple. For example, cheese and crackers and fruit salad could be a win-win solution. When it comes to drinks, you could use stylish, but refreshing beverages like fresh fruit juice and fruit cocktail.

organizing a hen partyAll in all, throwing a bridal party is an amazing experience that will be carved in your minds forever. This is a great opportunity for you to celebrate everything you have accomplished so far since you are starting a completely new life. Spending some quality time with your friends in such a pleasant atmosphere will help you forget about all obligations and look really gorgeous. If you loved the idea, all you have to do is to plan everything and enjoy!


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