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How to Get Organized to Live as a Couple

A new universe is beginning, when you start to live with another person.

When you start living together with your partner, a new world is spread in front of you. You are not alone anymore, with all the good and not so good aspects that sharing your daily life with the person you love imply. Your freedom becomes a shared freedom, since decisions have now two voices to be heard, so we share here some tips about how to live with your partner and emerge victorious from the experience.

Practical Decisions about How to Get Organized to Live as a Couple

Before opening the door of the place that says Home Sweet Home, some practical decisions have to be taken following a shared criteria, so let’s get started and establish what is going to be arranged:


They are the formal name of the so controversial money. The best thing to do if you want to avoid problems in the future, is to discuss money issues beforehand and then have a peaceful experience of living together. There are several ways of organizing the money, one of them, the classical one, is to divide half and half each bill. Another possibility is that each member of the couple makes responsible of some of them, completing among the two of you, the total of them.

Household – who is going to do what?

Household chores are another hot point to be dealt with when you are planning how to Live organized with your partner. Men try to escape from cleaning tasks, while women don’t want to be loaded with all the chores for themselves. So, compromising in half and half or 40% – 60% is the best idea. Women can get in charge of the cleaning, vacuuming and ironing and men can show their kitchen skills and wash the car, for example. The most important aspect when planning the chores, is that both of the couple members are happy with the ones they have been assigned with.

How to Get Organized you live with your partner – a matter of companionship

Living as a Couple is not just a matter of sharing bills and chores. When a couple decides to live together is because they have such strong feelings towards each other that they don’t feel comfortable living apart. However, personal freedom is part of the agreement to the extent that is doesn’t affect the whole thing of living together. Therefore, establishing some companionship rules is crucial to avoid misunderstandings or surpassing the limits of personal freedom.

Issues such as the time to arrive home, having the password of your partner’s social networks and free access to your mate’s cell phone, are important matters that have to be discussed. Is trust based on letting your partner revise your messages or is it not having the need to do so?

What about activities together? Try to assign days and timetables to coincide together at home at the same time and share a movie or a special dinner. Don’t let romance go out of your life just because you wake up and go to sleep together every day.


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