Cultural Fashion Trends

4 Different Cultural Fashion Trends in the World

Cultural Fashion TrendsWhen discussing fashion trends, we are often reminded that garments are not, and have never been, simply utilitarian sheaths for our bodies. Rather, the apparels that adorn us are powerful statements about what we are as individuals and how we view society. Oftentimes, we take our cues from designers who pay homage to different, ethnicities, eras, and popular culture but ultimately, our adornments are revelations about ourselves, our desires, and our place in the world.

For those who consider themselves trend-watchers, here are the hot new crazes that have imprinted on today’s fashion landscape.

1. Native American Fashion Inspiration

From Aztec prints to beaded and kaleidoscopic designs; ethnic motifs make a powerful statement. This trend seems to have staying power and may make a broader statement about diversity and openness. The world is a much smaller place and so very accessible. This trend can currently be found with prints on sweaters and shirts. These same Native American patterns and prints are showing up in jewelry. It’s about time these beautiful patterns be brought into the fashion main stream.

2. Game of Thrones Brings Medieval Europe to Life

Designers have swooned over the dramatic medieval costumes and dreamy goddess gowns from this hit show. This trend incorporates capes, fur, claws and other elements are a hit. This fashion can especially be seen in the reemergence of fur in fashion.

3. Mad Men Inspires Renewed Interest in 50’s and 60’s Fashion

Who can resist the gorgeous iconic look of a rockabilly retro 50s dress, the elegant simplicity of an A-line kerchief dress or a chic 60’s shift mini dress? Leave it to a hit TV show to send hordes of shoppers on a quest for vintage. This fashion trend can be seen significantly in the amount of 60’s inspired office clothing for both men and women.

4. Genteel Europeans Exert Their Influence on Fashion

With the success of 2010 hit TV show Downton Abbey, designers responded to the public’s fascination with clothing inspired by 1900’s fashion. From hats to shrugs to empire waist dresses and long silk gloves, fashion has tipped its hat to the bygone days when British landed gentry ruled the day. This fashion trend can be seen in the reemergence of silk like clothing in women’s fashion that harks back to early 1920’s design.

The trends of today mirror our fascination with the world around us as well as the pop culture we as a world are consuming (and becoming obsessed with). Whether we look back at the fashion of the 1960’s or fashion trends that have only recently become main stream such as Native American design, we love to look at other cultures when creating our everyday style. Next time you are at the clothing store take a minute to look at the clothes and you may find they hark back to a fashion of a different time or place than your own.


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