Apple Shape Wedding Dress

What Is The Best Shape For Your Wedding Dress?

So, you said, “yes” to him and, now that the glee and adrenaline have subsided, you left with the bundle of nerves and questions that come with planning a wedding. One of the first things you’re undoubtedly anticipating is picking out the bridal gown. There’s no denying that there is a world of options at your fingertips; there are different tints, necklines, shapes, patterns, color accents, and more, perhaps leaving you slightly lost about where to begin the search.

One of the first ways to narrow down your possibilities is to understand what flatters your specific body shape.

1. Hourglass Shape

Hourglass Shape Wedding DressThis is when the hips and shoulders are approximately the same width with a well-defined waist. The best look for you may be a strapless dress with a scooped neckline or v-neck.  If your hourglass figure is on the thinner side, we suggest a mermaid cut, while an a-line shape would work well in any size.  Remember that, regardless of your shape, you want to emphasize your best feature and achieve a balanced look between the top and bottom; in order to not have one half look more voluminous than the other, consider having any color accents, bedazzlement featured around your middle. You will also want to avoid an empire dress, which will hide your best features, or a full skirt, which may make your hips look larger than they are.

2. Apple Shape

Apple Shape Wedding DressThis is when shoulders are widest around your middle. The key is to find a dress that cinches at your smallest point, so gowns with an empire silhouette will flatter due to their high waistline. While a princess skirt can also look lovely, the natural vertical lines of the empire fit will provide a slimming effect. Furthermore, balanced patterns around the neckline and hemline will help draw the gaze up and down to provide the impression of height, and don’t be afraid to show off your legs! Draw the eye upwards to your face with a sweetheart or shallow V-neckline. This is a common body shape among plus-sized brides and, luckily, there are many wedding dress vendors like David’s Bridal and Glass Slipper Bridal Boutique that are increasingly catering to this body shape.

3. Pear Shape

Pear Shape Wedding DressThis is when the hips are wider than the shoulders; this is often what is referred to as being “bottom-heavy.” This is a very common body type that is proudly sported by many gorgeous starlets. The trick is to find a dress that hugs your smaller upper half while naturally flaring out from your waist to only skim your thicker hips. A-line or ball gowns with a higher waist are ideal, and steer clear of the trumpet, sheath, or anything that hugs your lower body. Emphasize your upper half with adornment and a romantic scoop, halter, or V-neck.

4. Rectangle Shape

Rectangle shape wedding dressesThis is when hips, shoulders and waist are all approximately the same width. Women with a rectangle shape to their body will want something with a corseted or structured top which can help to create the illusion of a well-defined waist. Furthermore, as will a deep cut V-neck will add some sex appeal and, for a more classical look, rock a sweetheart neckline that will enhance your bosom.  Full skirts are best to create a body with curves, as are an empire waist and bias cuts.  You will want to avoid high necklines and halter necks as they will not flatter your waist and make your shoulders look small.

5. Triangle Shape

Triangle shape wedding dressesThis is when the shoulders are wider than the hips. This body type looks especially stunning in a full skirt that balances the broad supper body. You may want to use a bustle bow or sash on the hips to add some shape.  Steer clear of very low-cut tops unless you are smaller chested, as you will look too top-heavy.

It’s important to remember that the above suggestions are not inflexible rules; what’s important is that you find a garment that makes you feel beautiful, so please try on different silhouettes than what we recommend if you believe it’s what is best. So, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and happy hunting!


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