Carrie Elspeth

4 Hot UK Jewellery Designers

The UK is full of great design talent throughout the fashion industry. For a great example of British ingenuity, it’s the field of jewellery that shows off the country’s skills, as each designer has their own unique styles and flair. Here’s a list of five of Britain’s hottest jewellery designers right now.

1. Carrie Elspeth

Carrie Elspeth

Carrie Elspeth is one of Wales’ foremost jewellery designers. The range continues to impress thanks to its subtlety and command of colour. The Carrie Elspeth range has been incredibly successful for its ability to understand the contemporary jewellery market. The brand has continued to develop its style, inspired by the tones and hues of nature. Drawing on the craggy Welsh landscape for reference. In fact, the brand has been the recipient of several jewellery design awards. There are always fresh designs brought in each season to excite collectors.

2. Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe

With more than 20 years in the business, Alex Monroe is a name that’s well renowned in the jewellery industry. Well travelled, Monroe is a designer that is constantly drawing influences from the world around him. Whether that’s the spectacular regions of Pakistan, or the rolling hills of Tuscany, the world is drawn into each remarkable design. These spectacular pieces have drawing the attention of celebrities such as Carey Mulligan, Sienna Millar and Emma Watson.

3. Damson

Damson Jewelry

The handmade jewellery lines from Damson’s collection has been popular for its commitment to producing high quality, contemporary pieces. Because the brand produces such low numbers of each item of jewellery, it really helps to drive the interest, making each piece highly coveted among collectors. Fans of the brand have really enjoyed the intricacy of the line, making remarkable pieces with gold and silver, with embellishments such as pearls or beads. Damson jewellery is a line that’s favoured as ideal for weddings, thanks to its chic, elegant concepts.

4. Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine

For nearly over 10 years, Tatty Devine has been producing unusual and fun jewellery designs to the delight of collectors and enthusiasts. Made in the UK in their Kent and London warehouses, the brand continues to produce some exciting and surprising pieces are known for their remarkable originality, with tongues firmly in cheeks. Often collaborating with other designers, the range boasts some remarkably fresh designs. It is the brand’s like of quirky brooches that have really made their name, along with name necklaces in bright, vivid acrylic.


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