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4 Tips for Spotting Fake Designer Bags

Designer BagsIt’s important to learn how to spot fake designer bags because there’s nothing worse than finding out your bag isn’t real and you’ve been conned after you’ve been wearing it for a few months.  When you’re shopping for a designer bag and you see a nice Louis Vuitton or Coach bag and you’re not sure if it’s real just what should you do in order to be sure it’s real?

Identifying a fake from a real bag is possible when you pick it up because the fake will feel lighter, smell weird, or look faded. The real designer bag will have a good weight to it, smell like leather, the metal zipper will seem durable, and zippers will be stitched on the bag properly. Also, the side pockets shouldn’t look like they were added on with some type of cheap material.

Just picking up the bag and examining it properly is the simplest way to tell if a bag is fake or not. These 4 tips will help you avoid carelessly spending a lot of money on a handbag that isn’t what you thought it would be.

Examine The Stitching

Look for stitching that looks inconsistent or sloppy in areas on the bag that are not visible like the inside pockets and underside of the bag. Always take a good look at the design of the bag and if it looks too simple then chances are it’s a fake. Real designer bags have carefully constructed designs that are intricate to the point where the counterfeit can’t imitate it.

Examine The Details

The details such as the leather, stamping, fabric, and metal is what makes a high end bag cost so much. Look at the handles and make sure they have equal length, the logo should look authentic, and make sure simple things like zippers are working properly.

Pay close attention to these details and look for any flaws. Moreover, most high end designer bags come with a product booklet with specifics on the details and authenticity cards.

Examine The Label

One of the biggest giveaways of a fake handbag is the label. Authentic designer bags have labels that’s stitched on properly. Fake handbags will have labels that are hanging from the handle or not stitched on properly. Look at the label on the bags and make sure the label isn’t spelled incorrectly and isn’t barely hanging on the bag.

Examine The Material

Look for any type of discoloration or lack of quality in the material used for the bag. These days fake bags are made of pretty good leather instead of PVC, but you can still tell it’s fake if the material feels stiff or if you notice some type of discoloration. Also, keep in mind that authentic bags aren’t lined, while most fake designer bags are.

Even though you might not be able to afford real designer bags as some of them cost as much as $1,500, you don’t need to resort to knock offs that fall apart after wearing it for a few months. Go to department stores during clearance sales or browse through some reputable online stores to find high end designer bags that are reasonably priced.


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