Tips for Diamond Jewelry

5 Basic Care Tips for Diamond Jewelry

Tips for Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are one of the strongest minerals but this does not mean that diamond jewelry can be made to last forever. Even the best crafted diamond jewelries are susceptible to damage without proper care and maintenance. Although diamonds are cut using other diamonds these could be scratched if not taken care for properly.

1. Proper Storage

Great care should be taken in storing your cherished diamond jewelry. These are high priced investments and spending a few extra dollars for buying a proper jewelry box should always be considered. Keep tacori engagement rings for example stored separately to prevent scratching. Store them in cloth jewelry pouches or linen lined jewelry boxes. Separate containers also help you organize these pieces for easy access and identification.

2. Check Regularly

Check your diamond jewelry if the stones are set properly. Take a careful look and spot for any signs of weakness. Constant wear could cause diamond stones to loosen and should be taken to a professional jeweler for repair. After all you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a diamond studded ring only to find a few stones missing after a dinner party.

3. Avoid Contact with Strong Chemicals

Wearing your diamond jewelry ring when washing dishes or doing your laundry can cause your diamond to lose its shine. Direct contact with strong chemicals diminishes the quality of its brilliance and dulls the piece. Chemicals contained in skin moisturizers and bathing soap for example could also leave your diamond ring looking dull and blurry.

Wearing your diamond jewelry for long periods of time also exposes it to skin oils. Even hairsprays, lotions and other skin care products could have a negative effect on your diamond’s shine. Just remember to clean your diamond jewelry piece before storing to prevent dirt and chemicals from building up.

4. Regular Cleaning

Simple cleaning techniques include the use of warm water with a few drops of ammonia. Soak your diamond jewelry for a few minutes and gently scrub with a soft-brittle brush. Areas to target include the back of the stone since this is where dirt usually builds up. Never use strong chemicals or abrasive solutions like chlorine when cleaning. These can cause the fragile metals holding the diamonds to corrode loosening the stones.

For a finer finish, you can contact a professional jewelry cleaner. Services include the use of ultrasonic cleaners and a cleaning solution to remove stubborn dirt. This uses high frequencies to shake well-entrenched impurities. Ultrasonic devices for cleaning diamond jewelry are easily available but it is strongly advices that this should only be done by a professional to avoid loosening the stones.

5. Proper Care

Diamonds are one of the toughest minerals known to man but jewelry pieces should not be abused. Remember that your diamond stone is just a part of your jewelry piece. Remove your diamond ring when planning to spend a day in the garden for example. This is to prevent tools and hard object from scratching the stone or precious metals.

Proper care goes a long way in preserving the shine and value of your diamond jewelry. It helps keeps your investment and preserve its true value both aesthetically and financially.


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