Princess Diamond Ring

Princess Diamond Ring for Your Lovely Princess

Princess Diamond Ring

Doesn’t the princess in your life deserve the very best?  Then perhaps you should consider surprising her with a princess cut diamond to grace her hand.  Whether you are shopping for a memorable birthday gift, a just-because-I-love-you present, or a truly special occasion, a diamond ring clearly expresses how much the special lady in your life means to you.  Diamonds can make for an excellent surprise gift for your princess; they reflect the clarity, strength and beauty she brings to your life each and every day.  A favorite of real-life royalty and Hollywood stars, you can’t go wrong when purchasing a princess diamond for your princess.

The Cut

Princess Diamond Rings

A princess diamond ring is cut to reveal a diamond’s natural brilliance.  Princess cut diamonds communicate both elegance and drama.  These diamonds are cut as squares or rectangles and have four beveled sides, appearing as an inverted pyramid shape.The square or rectangle cut creates more sides than a round cut diamond, which means more light can be captured and reflected.  The faceted style of the princess diamond allows it reflect light brilliantly and shine spectacularly.  The princess cut is one of the favorite choices of women the world over.

The Setting

A princess diamond may be set in a variety of different rings.  A larger princess diamond can stand alone in a solitaire ring and proudly sit on any hand.  A smaller diamond can look amazing as the centerpiece diamond nestled by two smaller diamonds.  For a lady with more modern style, a princess cut could anchor a cluster ring.  Cluster rings are available in traditional settings such as a solitaire diamond surrounded by a square of tiny diamonds, or a more modern, geometric diamond pattern.  If your lovely princess desires a bit more drama, a princess cut diamond ring could also boast diamond shoulders, with tiny diamonds cascading down the ring’s band.  So many options exist when selecting a ring that finding that perfect ring is within your grasp.

The Budget

The price of a princess diamond depends upon many factors.  Size, clarity and band type all affect the total price.  Traditionally, square princess diamonds are a bit less expensive than their rectangular counterparts, resulting from the difficulty of the cutting process.  The type of metal used in the band will also determine price; the type and carat of the gold can be adjusted to stay within a desired budget.  For larger budgets, both platinum and palladium may be excellent metal choices.

The princess in your life deserves a ring that speaks to her best qualities. Make her feel as if she is truly royalty with a princess diamond! The elegance, brilliance, and dazzle of a princess cut diamond ring can accomplish all three at once.  With many options available, a ring can be purchased within any budget.  Whether it is a traditionally elegant single solitaire or a modern and stylish cluster ring, a princess engagement ring will steal the show.  Help your princess become the envy of everyone she meets by surprising her with such a perfect gift.


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