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5 Best Engraved Wooden Watches from Lux Woods

Watches are one of those accessories that would never go out of style despite all the technological advances that are currently coming up. You would spot a hundred people wearing digital watches, but analog watches still have that elegance about them that remains unparalleled. One of the latest trends in watches is wooden watches- watches that are completely made out of wood. Here’s more about why wooden watches are worth being in vogue.

Why Wear Wooden Watches?

The very fact that wooden watches are made from eco-friendly material is one big reason why people are willing to buy them. For people who are dedicated to making this world a better place to live, this would be an obvious step to take. Wooden watches are a great blend of style and sustainability.

Also, they add this element of uniqueness to your style. Every timepiece that is designed by a stylist is different from another. Whether it’s the unique patterns on the wood that is used to make the watch or design, no two watches can be the same. For people who go to stores and find watches that are commonly worn by many people, wooden watches would never be a disappointment.

What Are Engraved Wooden Watches?

One of the best things about wooden watches is that you can engrave on them. Engraved wooden watches mean your watch would have something etched on it. Lux Woods watches have the option of buying an engraved watch. The backside of the watch has enough space where you can decide to get just about anything engraved on it.

This makes a lot of sense when you’re gifting someone a watch. Engraved wooden watches look personalized when you get someone’s name or a special quote engraved for them. It doesn’t give this impression that all you’ve done is order a watch or pick one from the store. Getting something engraved on a watch takes some pensive thoughts, and the unique design adds more to the watch as a gift.

5 Best Engraved Wooden Watches from Lux Woods

Lux Woods watches are made from wood, and the official website also takes orders for watches with engravings. You can choose the engraving and even customize the font to add a more personal touch to the watch. Here’s a list of some of the best engraved wooden watches that are worth taking a look at.

The Oakwood Watch – Chanate

The Oakwood Watch Chanate

The Oakwood watch, which is made of Chanate wood, has a dark brown dial as well as a brown watch band. Since it’s made from Chanate wood, the color can’t exactly be called dark brown. It’s more of a mix of dark brown and ash grey. Since the dial and watch band are both almost the same color, they give off a very simple yet elegant look. Moreover, to make up for the simple look, the dial has large numeral markings in silver.

The Oakwood Watch – Walnut

The Oakwood Watch Walnut

The Oakwood watch made from walnut is pretty close to the Oakwood watch from Chanate when we talk about the design. However, what differs is the texture and color of the watch since this one is made from walnut wood. The color is brown; however, it’s a cool tone, unlike Chanate’s warm tone. The dial and band are similar in design to the Chanate version of the watch.

The Bendemeer Wood Watch – Blue

The Bendemeer Wood Watch Blue

The Bendemeer wood watch is a lot lighter in color and has a dial that’s smaller than the standard. So, if you like small dials, this one would be great for you. Besides that, what makes this watch stand out is the color of its dial, which is a beautiful and bright blue. For anyone who believes the woody texture and color is not what they want in their dial, this one would do complete justice to their decision.

The Gaston Wood Watch – Chanate

The Gaston Wood Watch Chanate

The Gatson wood watch made from Chanate has an overall simple design. The watch band, much like the one for the Oakwood collection, is slightly thinner and lighter. The dial of the watch is light orange in color, which goes really well with the dark brown color of the band. Also, the dial is pretty plain and has stick markings. People who hate a dial with crowded numerals would love this dial for how neat and simple it looks.

The Oakwood Watch – Blackwood

The Oakwood Watch Blackwood

The Oakwood watch made from Blackwood is an amazing addition to the Oakwood collection for being the kind of watch that almost no person can dislike. The very reason is that the watch is made from Blackwood and sports a stylish black finish. You would rarely find a person who doesn’t like black. Moreover, the black color goes well with just about any outfit, which makes this watch perfect for any occasion and for any style.

That was everything about Lux Woods engraved wooden watches that you can even buy without having anything engraved on them. These watches are handmade and carefully designed. This makes them really special and unique. The quality of these watches justifies the fact that wooden watches are taking over the watch industry.


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