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Honeymoon Destination Ideas for Summerphiles

We can’t deny that people have different visions of what their perfect vacation should look like, but one thing’s for sure: most choose palm trees and sandy beaches over icebergs. This also applies to newlyweds who’re looking for the perfect destination to spend their honeymoon. After all, it’s really difficult to imagine spending your first vacation as a married couple in winter jackets and boots. You have to agree that sunbathing on a tropical beach underneath palm trees sounds much more enjoyable. If you haven’t decided yet where to go, hopefully, you’ll find this list of exquisite honeymoon destinations genuinely helpful.


Tahiti Beach Resort

Placed in heavenly warm waters of the South Pacific, Tahiti is the biggest island of French Polynesia. You will probably arrive in Papeete regardless of whether you’re traveling by airplane or ship. Luckily, there are beautiful resorts near the capital, where you can experience Tahiti in the best possible way. The closest two are Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort and Intercontinental Tahiti Resort, and both will give you anything you can possibly imagine – breathtaking beaches, comfortable wooden deckchairs in the shade of palm trees, unforgettable sunsets with a sight of bungalows, and bird song from sunrise to sunset.

Simply put, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Heaven on Earth. For adventurers, there are many places nearby they could visit including Bora Bora, Moorea Island, or you could try hiking and exploring the wild south-east coast.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel Mexico

The Yucatan peninsula is famous for its historical and cultural heritage of Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Uxmal, and other beautiful temples of the lost Mayan civilizations. However, it’s not a coincidence that the Mayas chose Yucatan to be their homeland. The eastern coast of Yucatan is hiding the irresistible beaches of the Caribbean Sea, and it’s sadly underrated and overlooked in pretty much all touristic offers as well as tours.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t hold you back from visiting Cozumel and checking out all those beautiful beaches around the island. Cozumel really brings a unique Mexico experience: crystal clear water, lovely seashells and fossils, silvery sand, great local chilly, and the original flavor of tequila without salt or lemon.

Northern Beaches, Sydney

Northern Beaches Sydney

The entire Australian coast is simply magnificent, but what really stands out are the Sydney’s Northern Beaches, such as the famous Manly ferry, Palm Beach, Curl Curl, Collaroy, and many more. While you’re enjoying a spectacular panoramic view of Pittwater in a Waterview room of Metro Mirrage Hotel, you’ll wish for single moment could last all eternity.

Northern Beaches offer a wide variety of places you can visit, from total luxury venues where you’ll perhaps want to hold your wedding ceremony, to rustic and romantic restaurants. Sydney is a great honeymoon destination because it’s not all about secluded beaches – you can explore the city, enjoy the culture and the music, as well as the great food. What is more, “the Peninsula” area connects beautiful forests with family-oriented beaches.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico

Located on the north-east side of Puerto Rico, San Juan is the place where the old elegance of the Conquistadores territories meets modern Caribbean style. At first, you might feel like you are in Spain, but after you leave the city you will quickly understand that this place is far more special and exotic. You will definitely fall deeply in love with Puerto Rico, the soft grass of San Juan will make you wish to walk barefoot and explore amazing beaches where chameleons are sunbathing on large rocks. On the other hand, only a few steps further you’ll see golden sand covered with fallen coconuts. Nature is delicate and unforgiving at the same time, and the unique mix of European and Caribbean influences make this place truly magical.

Most newlyweds look forward to their honeymoon not just because they want to enjoy in their first time off as a married couple, but because wedding preparations can be really stressful and exhausting as well. If you’re fans of warm weather and exotic destinations, think about the places we suggested – we’re positive that you’ll fall in love no matter which one of these you choose to visit on your honeymoon.


Daria Winters is a travel addict and a firm believer in kindness and beauty. She’s a passionate writer, who gladly collaborates with experts like Northern Beaches Weddings and Events from Sydney to inform her readers of what’s good out there!