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5 Clothes Guys Should Consider Wearing

One Direction phone launch - LondonWhile the modern day fashion industry tends to be fairly straightforward about what looks good and what doesn’t, there are a few items that the average male seems to have missed in the quest to boost their appearance. To help you create a more attractive look no matter where you’re going, we’ve listed five of the most essential items that we bet aren’t in your wardrobe. These will turn any guy into a smoking hot specimen guaranteed to wow the ladies.

1. Leather Loafers

When it comes to sizing up a person, a lot can be said through the shoes that they wear. Therefore, we recommend that every man have a pair of leather loafers in their home. This footwear effortlessly combines elegance with a casual design, summing up the wearer as a guy who is sophisticated yet relaxed in their life. The simple truth is that wearing leather loafers will show you enjoy beachside strolls and fine wine. This will ultimately make you more attractive to those around you, allowing you to shed any pretence of being stuffy or immature.

2. Vintage Jeans

This classic piece of clothing is something that any male will benefit from even though it seems to be overshadowed by the more boring clean denim. The use of faded material and slight rips in these vintage pants creates an adventurous look that tells a lot about the guy wearing them however. While you won’t seem too reckless, you’ll at least appear more interesting thanks to your unusual, yet stylish fashion sense. These jeans can also go with a range of tops, allowing for a flexible item that any man will appreciate.

3. Cashmere Sweaters

If you’re seeking a designer piece to complete your wardrobe, why not look towards some cashmere V-neck or hooded sweaters this winter? No matter what your style, you can also find a range of cashmere tops for men at stores. These items will help complete any outfit whether you are wearing your vintage jeans or something more formal. They are also of incredibly high quality, looking and feeling great. Whether you’re out with your partner or working in the office, these cold weather clothes come highly recommended.

4. Sports Coat

Another lesser known, yet absolutely essential, winter item for men is the sport coat. If you’re attending a semi-formal occasion in which a suit jacket is too much, simply throw on a sport coat for an amazing look. These items will go with plenty of trouser designs including:

  • Jeans
  • Khakis
  • Suit pants

If you do wear suit pants, make sure they’re of a different colour to your sport coat. In this way, you’ll create an attractive ensemble that achieves the balance between casual and formal in a truly effortless manner.

5. Leather Watch

Finally, let’s move onto an accessory that absolutely every male should have: the leather watch. Wearing a wristwatch is a sign of maturity for the average guy so we’d recommend that your wardrobe contain at least one. The leather strap will help you avoid seeming too formal or flashy as well. Whether you opt for a brown or black watch will depend on the shoes and belts that you wear. Check your cupboard and see which colour seems to be more common there! Leather watches are also quite flexible, fitting with a range of casual and formal attire.

The average male has somehow overlooked these five items when it comes to looking their best. If your wardrobe is still missing these items, you owe it to yourself to go out and purchase them as soon as possible.


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