Bucks and Hens Night

5 Combined Bucks & Hens Night Ideas and Activities in Australia

A combined bucks and hens night is a party hosted by the groom and bride, just before their wedding. Previously, these kinds of parties were not popular since the bride and the groom would commonly host their parties separately. However, due to the rise in cases of couples cohabiting before marriage, the parties are now held together. Additionally, most couples who have dated for long have the same pool of friends and can, therefore, organise the hens and bucks night together.

Most people feel that the party is the last night of their freedom before entirely tying the knots, but extreme care should be taken to avoid making decisions that will later affect the marriage. Here are a few ideas that would make any couple’s bucks and hens’ night awesome without affecting your future marriage:

1. Strippers

The concept of having strippers should be handled carefully. If friends are organising bucks and hens night, it is good to find out the limits of the bride and groom. If the bride and the groom are okay with the idea of naked or half-naked women in their party, then they would make an awesome night for them and the friends as well. Most people would admit that the idea of having lap dances from gorgeous strippers is thrilling.

2. Topless Waitresses

Many agencies in Melbourne and Brisbane offer topless waitress services for bucks and hens nights. Men and women attending the party will find it entertaining to be served food and drinks by topless waitresses.

3. Party Cruise

Party cruises are thrilling. Many fun things can be done during the cruise, and these will only make the day more memorable. A favourite destination for a cruise is the Perth River. There are many boats for hire in Perth. Better still, the hiring agencies in the area usually offer entertainment and good food. It is even possible to include both male and female strippers for the cruise. Food can even be served to the guests by a topless waitress.

4. Gaming

Gaming can be a good way to spend the last night before marriage. The bride and groom can spend the bucks and hens night playing games like chess, scrabble, monopoly, cards, Truth or Dare, and role-playing. They can enjoy these actiities as they tell stories and listen to music. For this idea, even parents to the couples can be invited.

5. Photoshoot

Taking photos in the night can be fun. The organisers of the night can invite a professional photographer or friends who are good at taking pictures, and the couple can take their last photos before finally walking down the aisle. The exercise can either be done outdoors or indoors. During the photoshoot, different dress codes can be recommended to make it more interesting. At the same time, those attending the party can enjoy drinks and food.

6. Barbeque

Barbeque can be a good idea for meat lovers. Many restaurants in Brisbane and Melbourne offer barbeque appliances for hire. The bucks and the hens can spend the night roasting meat and enjoying drinks as well. Meat roasting is cost-effective and fun, especially if all the guests know each other well.


There are so many ideas to explored during the bucks and hens night. Some of them can be tacky while others are best for couples who are conservative. Some of the ideas include taking a cruise party and inviting topless waitresses. Gaming, taking photos and roasting meat can also be fun for those who intend to host family-friendly parties.


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