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A Pre Wedding Guide to Plan Hen & Bucks Party in Brisbane

Wedding season is full of tears, grandparents dancing and heartfelt hugs, but, if you look past it all, you see that weddings are just an exercise in narcissism. It’s a meticulously planned celebration of me!

Me! Me! Me!

And this bash of boastfulness extends well before the wedding at the bucks and hen’s party. It’s the only party where friends are assigned homework. But it’s recommended to steer right into the self-absorption because you can plan a party that’s truly unforgettable. Of course, you could also bungle it up to plan a party that infamously regrettable. Do your homework, rise to the occasion and put on the biggest bachelor- or bachelorette-worshiping blowout possible.

Pin Down The Proper Theme

Admittedly, this is more important for the hens. Fellas, we’ll get to your stuff later. But picking out the proper theme can make or break a good hen do. Of course, you could always adorn everything with little cocks, but that’s a played out idea. It looks basic.

hangover wedding themeTry getting shirts made with themed phrases. You don’t need everyone wearing the same shirt. You could put “Tipsy” on your drunken friend’s jersey while you put “Princess” on the stuck-up one’s top. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun at your friends’ expense. After all, a good hens weekend is all about letting go.


By entertainment, we mean strippers. Any good bucks night ideas list has to start with topless women. It’s an age-old cliche, it’s played out but it’s well worth it. And you can always surprise your friends by hiring the right exotic dancers.

exotic dancers minJust imagine acting like there won’t be any strippers for the party. Maybe you go out to the bars to retire back to the hotel for the night. Then you ask your mates if they want a nightcap. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, you have topless waitresses come out from the next room to serve your mates their favorite drinks. Then the party really starts and it lasts deep into the night.


We can focus on more general tips now that we’ve gotten the gender-specific advice out of the way. Location is incredibly important for any hen or stag to do in Brisbane. It all starts with accommodation.

Brisbane weddingSplurging on a nice suite at a hotel in Brisbane is a good idea, but you can go even bigger. Hire a house for the weekend that comes complete with a pool or a hot tub. This way you can make all the noise you want when you’re playing drinking games and enjoying the company. In fact, a house is one of the best bucks party venues because the striptease dancers will have plenty of room to put on a show. And no matter your gender, you’ll be able to invite a crew of part boys or girls back to the house after a night on the town.


Remember, hen and stag do’s are all about the person getting married. They don’t pay a penny during the entire celebration, so it’s important to huddle the rest of your friends together. Ask everyone how much they can contribute to the party fund to come up with a budget, and then do your planning from there. And you can always try checking out these cool ideas for bucks party in Brisbane if you’re at a loss with your budget.

The Right Friends

You need to invite the right friends to the hen or bucks party. Of course, there are some people you’ll be forced to invite like the bachelor’s best friends. But then you can get a little choosy. You want the best atmosphere while avoiding any conflict. After all, fights can start pretty easily when alcohol is involved so don’t invite any bad blood. Who you include has the potential of the event legendary in a good or bad way.


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