Autumn Fashion Trends

9 Autumn Fashion Trends To Watch Out For This 2018

As the season bids farewell to the hot summer sun, we now say hello to awesome autumn fashion! We bring you fresh ideas straight from your favorite celebs wardrobe where you get to copy and be just as fabulous, without breaking your budget. From the hottest trends you can wear day in and day out to fashionable accessories that will complete your look, you can find them all here!

Are you ready to know the latest trends for fall fashion this 2018? Here we go!

1. Plaids Are In!

If you think that plaids are so outdated, then you better think again! Fashion designers and celebrities are obsessed with plaids, which makes it an instant fashion must-have this fall! From plaid shoes, coats, tops, pants, skirts, and bags, you get to choose from a wide variety of items to mix and match your favorite ensembles. From casual looks and fun OOTDS to formal attire, there will always be a plaid ready to match your style. Although there is an endless number of ways to wear your plaid, our tip for you is to choose a plaid skirt over pants. They are a classic staple that you can play with denim, silk, chunky sweaters, turtlenecks and more!

2. Welcome Fall With A Roar!

Runways, fashion magazines and even the closets of your favorite stars are prowling with animal prints this season. With the abundance of leopard, snake, zebra patterns and more, the street style this fall is having a blast with party-ready OOTDs you can wear even during the lazy days. Animal prints give out a wild yet feminine take on any outfit. Aside from the fact that zebra stripes, leopard prints, and cheetah specks are effortlessly chic, these wild fashion statements never go out of style. It only means one thing – your animal printed dress, bag, belts and even sunglasses will always be trendy no matter the season.

3. Coats Are Oversized

This fall, don’t forget to bring with you a cute and comfy jacket to shield you from the cold. Oversized coats and blazers make an instant fashion statement. The best thing about this is you can easily copy how your idols rock their oversized coats by heading over to for inspiration. But be reminded that finding balance and alternatives is a must for you to make the right choice. Get to choose many statements coats like silky smooth trench coats, oversized denim jackets, faux shearling jackets and more.

4. Sexy Suits But Not Office Wears

This year, top of the line fashion shows are flooded with hot office wears thanks to trendsetters like Dion Lee, Alexander Wang, and Jonathan Simkhai. But, don’t be fooled by the business meets pleasure style, for these suits may not be the best outfits to wear on your way to the office. They lean more on revealing side which is not a proper OOTD for work. If you wish to copy the sexy suiting vibe, don asymmetrical necklines, super funky sleeves or even off-shouldered tailored tops. Wear with a gorgeous pair of heels or chic ankle boots and top it all off with your favorite accessories.

5. Lots and Lots Of Layers

Combining different elements either to complete your outfit or to make it stand out is one of the things layering your clothes or accessories can do for you. Take advantage of the cold season by mixing and matching different textures and colors. For a cool and comfortable outfit of the day, wear thin materials and top it off with a thicker coat in contrasting color or style.

6. Fit-It-All Bags

Oversized coats are not the only jumbo-sized fashion statement that made it to the cut this season. Bags are also given a supersized update – making them big, bulky and spacious enough to fit all of your daily essentials in handy. Whether you need a change of clothes, need your basic makeup at hand, a change of more comfortable footwear or stock of your favorite treats on the go, you can rely on your handy dandy totes to carry them with you. Just a few friendly tips to keep in mind. Choose an oversized bag you’re comfortable wearing all day, and do not fill it to the brim. Your style is important, but so is your comfort.

7. Statement Earrings

Everyone loves the bold and sexy vibe statement chandelier earrings has to offer! These eye-catching, shoulder-grazing and head-turning pieces of jewelry draw enough attention towards your face that all you need is cute OOTD and light make up to finish up the look. It doesn’t matter if you’re donning cute outfits for school, sexy yet sophisticated office wears or relaxed and casual attire for your everyday look. There will always be a pair of statement earrings that can match your style and complete your look. Remember, don’t be afraid to be bold and beautiful!

8. Ethereal Autumn Leaves

Fall reminds us of leaves falling, so it seems only fitting for this element to flood this season! With the delicate and earthy features that ethereal autumn leaves have to offer, it did not come as a surprise why the enigmatic symbol is in the must-have accessory list for 2018. Leaf-inspired accessories like earrings and necklaces are so hot this year that you have got to get some yourself some autumn bling too. Whether you love wearing golds or are more into silver or bronze, there will be autumn leaves waiting to give your outfit that extra shimmer and shine.

9. Statement Boots And Luxury Kicks

The hottest boots you can wear this autumn are not limited to old blacks and nude browns. Now, you get to choose from different styles like animal prints, bright colors, and plaids. As for high-end sneakers, the bigger and the bulkier, the better. With fall just around the corner, the hottest trends this season are all about bold prints, statement accessories and just about anything oversized. No matter which trend you choose to follow this fall, keep in mind that your style and comfort should be your top priority. Which trend is your favorite? What else would you add on the list?

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