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7 Foods Guilty of Ruining Skin Health

Having a healthy skin is a distant dream if we don’t take care of it. Besides cleansing the skin from the outside, how you keep it nourished from within plays a vital role.

Your daily diet, therefore, is one of the biggest factors that determine the health of your skin. What you eat is equally important to what foods you should avoid.

With this article, I intend to share a list of foods that are often responsible for causing skin issues.

Foods That Cause Skin Issues

1. Coffee

coffee for skin issueYour morning may seem incomplete without a cup of coffee. However, consuming coffee on an empty stomach or too many cups during the day isn’t good for skin.

Coffee intake in excess can lead to worsening of anxiety. As it is, caffeine is known to trigger a release of stress hormones in the body. This, in turn, can promote outbreak of acne on your face and body.

Coffee is also known to affect the gut, due to its high acidity levels. Not only does that lead to inflammation but also prevents the body from absorbing nutrients from the foods we eat.

If you are completely addicted to coffee and it is difficult to keep a restraint, cut down on the number of cups. Additionally, try and have a snack along. Not take it alone.

2. Candies

candies for skin issueWe all love eating candies. Don’t we?

While our body can take these as kids but not when we are in the prime of our youth. That’s when major hormonal changes occur.

Candies can prove to be detrimental to our skin. These come loaded with sugar and synthetic ingredients which can cause to inflict skin by affecting collagen, the major structural protein present in the skin.

That apart, sugars present in candies can also cause inflammation in the body, leading to acne becoming more prominent.

Candies are completely devoid of nutrients and filled with harmful chemicals.  Eating candies are also associated with early aging.

3. Chocolates

chocolate for skin issueWhile eating a small amount of chocolate every day is not all that bad for skin, the type of chocolate does matter.

Milk chocolates consist mainly of refined sugar. Studies suggest that high accumulation of AGEs in human tissues promotes skin aging. Insulin levels in the blood are naturally impacted.

Due to the upheaval caused by sugar, the skin may become a victim of acne spread. White, flavored and high sugar chocolates should be replaced with sugar-free alternatives.

Dark chocolates are also a great substitute. These are high on cocoa content hence more healthful. If you love that bitter side, always go for these.

4. Chips

chips for skin issueAlthough the main ingredient involved in making chips is potatoes, it still consists of additives that can harm the skin. Other ingredients generally include a high amount of sodium and preservatives.

High salt intake affects the respiratory system and functioning of the pharynx. Your skin needs oxygen to stay healthy. When the respiratory system is impeded, skin suffocates and assembles impurities inside.

Having chips and other fast foods are highly unhealthy for the liver too, lessening its efficiency.

Since liver doesn’t function to its optimum, skin takes a toll. Warts, pimples, and wrinkles become a common sight.

You can replace market packs with home-made chips, defining the quantity of sodium to your preference.

5. White Bread

white bread for skin issueIt is important to make sure you consume less of processed foods and more of whole grains for a nourished skin.

Since white bread is made of refined wheat, it is dangerous for collagen health. Eating white bread is like eating nothing. All it helps is to relieve hunger pangs. The nutrient level is nil.

White bread can also spike insulin levels in the blood, causing inflammation in the body. This then fiddles with skin purity, leading to poor health.

6. Ice Cream

Ice creams for skin issueIce creams are perhaps the biggest adversaries to your goal of attaining healthy skin. The frozen treats we find delicious to eat consist mainly of milk and sugar.

When it comes to the nourishment of skin, these 2 ingredients can substantially fuel acne growth, leading to deterioration at an extreme rate.

Ice creams are also known to have a glycemic index, which is responsible for a spike in blood sugar and the production of sebum. Therefore, try and see if you can remove ice creams from your diet.

Or you can try ice creams made of Almond or Soy milk instead of regular milk. Sugarless and probiotic cones are a good alternative too.

7. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks for skin issueEnergy drinks are quite popular among teens and young people. Not because these are appetizing and good on flavour but because they retain energy very fast.

However, most energy drinks are high on sugar and even caffeine. Taking them overly can have a direct impact on the liver’s ability to filter out toxins from the body.

Drinking alcohol and too many synthetic drinks can easily stimulate inflammation and chronic pain in the liver area.

Accumulation of toxins and lack of detoxification bolster production of oil in the skin, meaning an acne prone skin.

Coconut water and water-based smoothies are a perfect replacement for energy drinks.

Final Words

Resorting to healthy food choices isn’t sufficient. Skin health is driven by other factors too. A healthy lifestyle, abstinence to alcohol, social networking, all these matters.

Remember, a beautiful thing is never perfect. It needs constant care!


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