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How to Remove A Mole Without Surgery

Moles are nothing but common skin growths. Usually, moles are harmless and there is nothing to worry about them at all. However, if a mole bothers you by affecting your appearance or if it irritates against a cloth or something, you can consider getting it removed. One of the very obvious ways of getting a mole removed is by a surgery. Although, this might seem very expensive and may be inconvenient. Before you try to get rid of your mole with a scissor or a cream bought from the store, you must know about the following things.

Effective methods for mole removal at home

There are a few ways which have been labeled as effective when it comes to getting rid of moles at home. However, they have not been proven to work. Therefore, even if you do not consider getting a surgery done to get rid of your mole, you should still consider your dermatologist. It might prove to be helpful if he tells you about some home remedies which might work to pull off the mole naturally.

Unproven methods

Some of the unproven methods are as follows:

  • Using apple cider vinegar to burn your mole off
  • Breaking the mole from the inside by taping a garlic to it
  • Killing the cells by applying iodine
  • Cutting off the mole with a scissor

Application of some oils and mixtures

Other than the methods stated above, you can also consider applying the following things in order to remove your mole.

  • By mixing baking soda along with castor oil
  • Banana peel
  • Tea tree oil
  • Flax seeds oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Mole removal creams

The next available option to you for the purpose is to look for mole removal creams which are easily available these days at the pharmacies or the online stores. Before application of such creams, you are supposed to scrape off the top part of your mole. After this, you can apply and rub the removal cream on the mole. Most of these creams claim the formation of a scab within a day of the application of the cream. Therefore, when the scab falls off after its formation, the mole goes along with it. You might also want to know how to remove a mole without surgery. For that, better look for an online website that truly offers you genuine information.

Makeup Application

Though applying make-up is not a permanent solution to the problem but it is a safer option. It will work perfectly for you in case you feel self-conscious due to the presence of the mole. Makeup will provide you the look you need. If you have a hair or two growing out of the mole, then plucking that hair can be a fairly okay option.

Hence, these methods must have made you feel that thinking of removing your mole at home is such a convenient and cost-effective method. However, you must take advice from your dermatologist once, before trying all this by yourself. Not all the risks that come along with these processes can be undermined. Therefore, having a well-thought discussion about this will help you make safer decisions.


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