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10 Hair Extension Trends That Are Inn These Days

The recent hair trends that are designed by fashion bloggers and celebrities are the most recommended sights to gather for your hair extension preference this season – be it clip-ins or one piece hair extensions.

Hair Extension Trends

Here are some of the trends which are really eye-catching and hot these days:

1. Super High Ponytails

Super High Ponytails minThis fashion designer is making a great comeback in the recent market for hair extension a couture twist. The fashion model Bella Hadid usually unleashes a high pony in a super slicked back fashion. The fashion is good because it keeps the hair out of the client’s face making them feel pretty. The trend is easy to manage since it only requires that you can use a fine comb with a little gel to relax the flyaway hair then you go. The look of the High ponytail is also versatile because it has the inner diva goddess and uses a thin barreled curling wand to create thick texture waves like Chloe.

2. Fringe Bobs

Fringe Bobs minIn this design, can’t decide between long and effective beach wave and a sleek modern bob. It uses a texture or a sea salt spray to make the look and go have fun that ultra-flattering lob. The design is low-key and rest on the head well giving an easy way to keep up than the blunt cut. Celebrities such as Selina Gomez, Nina Dobrev use them and they can’t get enough of it.

3. Head Scarves

Head Scarves minThis trend is one of the close related trends of the floppy hat. The silk headscarves are one of the hair accessories trends that one needs to have in the closet this season. The vintage Parisian look is so obsessing since you only wrap the silk around your face and tie it below the neck. It is so easy because the real hair is not needed you only add up the large vintage and you are ready for the time out to go. The fashion has been introduced by Julia Engel during this year and it is having a stun look in the year 2018.

4. Big Natural Curls

Big Natural Curls minThis one also has been there since the year 2017 and it has seen a progressive because they embrace the natural texture. It is mostly embraced by the curly girls like Ashley Moore and Zendaya. The trend has been so fresh to them since they rock with it and it is appealing so fresh to them. When using this trend, you don’t use the relaxer thus so efficient to keep up and free from damages. The design does not need the client to brush the hair purposely to keep the shape of the stylist curls. To keep the hair in good shape always, there is a guide provided to give direction on how to keep it safe.

5. Barrettes

Barrettes minThe look was introduced in Milan by Versace in 2018 and it is the best. This design originated from kids long ago. But is back in fashion and trending since it is polished and advanced by the designers to adult fashion. This is done by trying to put hair apart towards downwards and pinning it from both sides with a barrette and that is good to go. Very simple and efficient to manage!

6. The Slicked Back Wet Look

The Slicked Back Wet Look minThis is one of the funny looks by the Prabal Garung which significantly favored the spring 2018 show and made many fashion designers to love it. It looked like if she went to the swimming pool with it or maybe she ran short of dry soap. The essential of this look is working a dollop great hair gel with wide tooth comb reaching mainly on the root of the hair. It is given a look that reveals like it emerged from a pool. It is correct to clip the 2-3 layers of lux hair extensions to the lower back of your head to meet the look.

7. Wrapped Low Ponytail

Wrapped low ponytail minThis is much simpler since you wrap your hair in expensive silky scarves with different patterns and beautiful colors. This style matches any outfit and favors many women in the market thus trending in 2018. Another addition to the trend is by wrapping it with a clear plastic tube channeled on the end of the pony.

8. Golden/ Honey Blonde

Golden Honey Blonde minThis replaced the previous years where people use to apply to die in their hair using the peroxide and platinum blonde. The design was polished and replaced the previous methods to save the hair. Designer Jennifer Aniston and Blake have maintained the trend in the Hollywood of this natural looking blonde long enough in their careers. It is not a natural blonde but a rocked golden blonde lowlight is achieved for not dyeing the hair with ombre blonde. This design looks nice and gentle with the extension of brown hair to transform the look.

9. The Blunt Ends

The blunt ends minWhen you have long hair like Olivia Culpo, making the cut off with ends is that are sharp and uniform is essential because it gives hair a fresh start by getting rid of any split ends. The blunt straight cut gives face edge and structure which is good for the oval and round shape.

10. The Blonder the Better

The Blonder the Better minIn this case, reaching a color blonde is never easy but that did not hinder celebs like Katy Perry to meet the dye jobs. It can change the color of your hair but still match your skin look.

If you aren’t really sure as to what trend would go best with you, consider consulting an online real-time hair extension vendor to find the best fit!


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