Makeup Hair Trends

Tips for Makeup and Hair Trends

Following the fashion trends can be quite tedious, with nearly 100 different looks down the ramp to keep up with. No doubt, we had a tough time cutting them down to size! To get hold of the right ones, we took a closer look at the trends that were a lot more repetitious at Paris, New York, London and Milan. We’ve shortlisted them here for those of you who’d like to step up to it.

Hair Styles

  • Do snip off those long locks and go for medium length hairstyles that suit all ages and face types. The trend tends to give you larger styling opportunities that are suitable for all outfits.
  • Don’t go overboard and chop your locks to a shoulder-length cut.
  • Do go in for tousled locks; it gives a cool look with a very confident vibe.
  • Don’t straighten; it takes too much of your time and looks very unnatural. Besides, it’s outdated.
  • Do use accessories that are suitable for your age. Try headbands that go well with mature outfits. Celebrities are doing enormously well in bringing in this trend.
  • Don’t dress like a two year old! Yes, bows looked quite cute on grown women in the beginning, but let’s face the fact: you’ve outgrown them.
  • Do go in for scarves; they look subtle, professional, cute and trendy. Looking responsible also counts in fashion. Besides, you can always use it to cover up for a bad hair day.
  • Don’t put your hair in knots; it’s been a decade and people still continue to rip off this obnoxious fashion trend from each other like it’s beautiful! Well, it’s not!

Hair Color

The next time you fix up a salon appointment,

  • Do follow Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. The trend of platinum blond with dark roots finds a place on the “Wall of Fashion Fame” today 😉 Though it’s a gorgeous look, it requires high maintenance and hiring expensive, professional stylists to keep it perfect. You can also try coffee colors or shades of Café Au Lait. They look cute on curly hair and professional on straightened hair.
  • Don’t go in for ombré. All mothers, daughters and grandmothers have it, and it’s time to change.



  • Do color your lips with the super bright orange lip color that’s hitting the streets. Make sure you give it a shiny finish with bold eyebrows and gilded eyelids followed by mascara.
  • Don’t go for the matte look with your lipstick and face makeup as it tends to make you look older, tense and dull.
  • Do try fuchsia lipstick, bright, but well done!!
  • Don’t use bubble-gum pink lipstick; it was never a trend and will never be.


  • Do keep those foundations away, and go for lighter moisturizers that give you a plain, more natural look.
  • Don’t go orange; stay away from those tanning salons. The days of healthy, natural-looking skin are back!


  • Do try the cat-woman look. This is very trendy and easy to follow. Seen with most celebrities, the trend goes hand in hand with simple eye shadow using a single shade.
  • Don’t use ghostly shades as eye shadows!

Well, there’s never an end when it comes to fashion. Fashion has been there long before you were born and it is here to stay! Stay tuned with us to continue being updated on the fashion trends of today and the days to come.


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