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5 Fashion Staples Every Man Should Have In His Closet

Dressing well shouldn’t just be an occasional thing; instead, it should be a way of life. Whether you are stepping out to get a quick cup of coffee, hitting the gym, going to work or hanging out with friends, dressing to impress will make you noticeable whenever you step into a room. This will do wonders for your confidence and the way people treat you. And it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of work to dress well. Instead, you can get by on a few basic elements. Here are six staples that every man should have in his closet.

1. Khaki Chinos

Khaki Chinos for MenWhether you are hitting the links with your girlfriend’s dad, or going to a sports bar to watch your favorite team after work, khaki chinos are multi-functional and can be worn in a variety of different places. Khaki’s are also very comfortable and shouldn’t wrinkle too much if you have a quality pair. Best yet, they look great with a variety of different shirt options. Khakis are a great option instead of jeans for a look that is casual, but put together.

2. Dark Brown Shoes

Dark Brown ShoesYou ideally should have more than just brown shoes in your closet, considering brown shoes aren’t the best with black outfits. However, brown shoes typically match well with chinos and other casual dress clothing options. You never know when you might get called into an interview, or have to dress up a bit to go to a business casual dinner. Either way, with a pair of dark brown shoes, you’ll be set. For many, black is a go to color whenever buying shoes. Black shoes are great, but often look out of place with a pastel colored top or khaki pants.

3. Blazer

Blazer for menA blazer is one of the most enjoyable parts of any wardrobe that a man will have. Blazers are super functional and can be worn with a variety of different options. Thrown a blazer over a t-shirt and jeans and you have a much nicer outfit to hit the bars in. Or, throw a blazer over a button up and you can head to a business meeting with just enough style. The perfect blazer is one of the top staple items in your closet, so be sure it’s there.

4. White Dress Shirt

White Dress ShirtA white dress shirt is just as functional as everything else on this list. Wear it with or without a coat, depending on the situation, but either way you’ll be looking great. Of course colored dress shirts are fun to wear, but you’ll need a white one for those extra formal or conservative business meetings. A crisp white shirt should be properly cleaned and ironed, so that it doesn’t get stains or show wear after a few uses. White shirts can be paired with any color tie for a nice pop and a look that isn’t too plain.

5. Navy Suit

Navy SuitWhether it’s for weddings, graduations, a family gets together or a business outing, a navy suit is a modest, yet important element to your wardrobe. It’s often said that every man needs at least one good suit, and you aren’t a good man until you have a suit. Navy is a great color of choice if you can only have one suit. It won’t wash you out the way a black suit can and it won’t get dirty as easily as a tan suit.

You can get by with the same clothes you’ve been wearing for years. But if you want to make a statement, make sure that you have these items in your closet. They’ll help you better prepare for more circumstances and situations in your daily life.


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