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5 Fashion Trends for 2020 You Need to Know About

The world keeps changing rapidly and so does the fashion with it. Fashion matters for various reasons. It matters to the economy, society, and people personally.

Fashion trends refer to a specific style in a fashion that’s up to date. But fashion trends tend to change over time. They change depending on what’s popular in a specific culture at a certain point in time. Fashion is a way of communicating – what we wear tells the story of us, it represents us no matter you admit it or not.

It seems that most fashion styles never go out of style but change a bit to fit the current trend. Take a look at your mother’s or grandmother’s wardrobe, there’s a big possibility you could wear that now and be fashionable.

If you want to leave the best first impression of yourself and if you want to stay trendy, get ready to update your wardrobe with some of the recommended pieces of clothes below.

1. Wide – Leg Pants

Wide Leg PantsWho doesn’t enjoy looking their best while being comfortable in what they’re wearing? There’s no better mixture than that. Classic wide-leg trousers quite possibly will never go out of style. Depending on the occasion you’re dressing for, you could mix your trousers with different layers on top.

For example, if you’re going for an evening combination – you can pair them with an oversized blazer and high heels which will give you a high fashion look. If you’d like to get a more sophisticated look for an office meeting, try pairing your trousers with a high neck shirt that suits your body figure.

Getting a perfect pair of wide-leg trousers are worth the investment since they’ll last you a long time and you can wear them for any occasion.

2. Bring Back the 70s

figure flattering dressesIt seems that the style of the 70s is coming back with all the colorful prints and patterns. During the fashionable years of the 70s people dressed in a way to express their beliefs and their individuality. These years represent one of the most carefree and sexy times for fashion style and that’s one of the many reasons why these trends are coming back again.

For instance, wrap dresses are great figure-flattering dresses. They’re comfortable, easy to put on and practical. Other fashion trends of the 70s that are coming back are jumpsuits and high-rise wide-leg jeans for sure. Both of these items follow your body structure not lacking in sex appeal. And both of them are a great investment to show off your moves on the dance floor.

3. Polka-dot Prints

Polka dot PrintsFashion trends have gone dotty again and they’re showing up everywhere – skits, dresses, tops etc. The main reason for that is because this dotty print is very flexible, adaptable for your workwear or a fun weekend. Just remember to keep the scale of this print small when you’re wearing it to work, keeping it toned down and appropriate for the occasion.

If you want to balance your girly side (that polka dots represent) and bold side, try combining a looser pair of jeans with a dotty shirt. If you’re going for a simple look try wearing a polka dot dress paired with flats with an ankle strap. One more tip – if you’re wearing big and bold polka dots, combine them with a top with smaller stripes. This will definitely make everyone turn around.

4. Grunge is back

Grunge is backAs you may have noticed, the 90s are back in town and this trend seems more relevant than ever. With this kind of love for the 90s, it’s not questionable why grunge has made a comeback.

If you’re going for a badass look the best way to do so is pairing a feminine dress with chunky boots. Wearing a maxi dress with a cinched waist is a cool way to show the world your girly side. Pairing that with combat boots will give you extra confidence and it’ll show off your bold side.

It seems that the streets are, more than ever, flooded with people wearing oversized shirts and sweaters inspired by Kurt Cobain’s look – the king of grunge style. This type of style is about having an attitude. To pull off this look go for shorts or jeans paired with a flannel shirt which you can wear tied around your waist, giving you a cool look. Add a simple t-shirt on top with a leather jacket. If this is not enough, complete your look with a hat and ankle-length boots. This look will make you feel like a rock star.

5. Bohemian Trends

Bohemian TrendsThe quote ‘I’d rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck’ fully describes this fashion trend. Boho style represents a naturally chic look. There are no rules and guidelines in this style, all you have is fashion freedom and what else can you ask for.

Bohemian style is referred to like people who have an artistic lifestyle which is expressed exactly through this type of fashion wear.

Paisley print is the most recognizable Bohemian print. It’s a lovely feminine print and although it’s more associated with summertime, it could be appropriate for wintertime too. If you already have a paisley dress get ready to pair it with leather boots that will warm you up and give you modernity.

There’s a saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but this doesn’t apply in a fashion world. In the fashion industry, clothes and fashion trends fully represent you. But, fashion trends come and go. They change because they depend on people’s tastes that are not permanent which again change because of the circumstances in a cultural or political domain.

For many people being trendy and keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a high priority. Style and colour you wear represent you and what you stand for. It’s a way to express yourself without even speaking. To do so it’s a good thing to stay in touch with fashion trends that are popular at the moment.


Daria Winters is a travel addict and a firm believer in kindness and beauty. She’s a passionate writer, who gladly collaborates with experts like Style State to inform her readers of what’s good out there!