Young Professionals Gifts

5 Gift Ideas for Young Professionals

It’s almost graduation time again. This year, start planning early and find something awesome for your recent graduate. Here are 5 gift ideas for young professionals just starting out in the workplace. These ideas also work for an established professional if you need gifts for them as well!

Laptop Carrier

Instead of an old-fashioned briefcase, consider an on-trend crossbody bag or backpack. In many offices, employees are trekking from meeting to meeting and lugging a laptop. In addition, there are many days when work extends into the evening, so staff members need to bring their laptops home to finish up the day’s work. Having an attractive bag with all the right pockets and compartments will help make the lugging more enjoyable.


It’s 2017 and both men and women can wear ties, especially women in a creative field. However, plenty of young people never learned how to properly tie a tie, and they might feel uncomfortable trying.

You can solve that problem and provide useful gift with a pre-tied tie from unique stores like GoTie. Find styles and designs that are sure to suit any profession. Consider looking for a tie with slip-knot technology to avoid the hassle and frustration of tying a tie each morning. Fashionable and a time-saver: that’s a win-win!

Don’t forget the sage advice to dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. Make sure to tell your young professional that wearing a tie at work will definitely give the higher-ups the sense that he or she is taking the job seriously and is interested in advancement. No one need to know that it’s an easy-to-wear, pre-tied tie. In fact, anyone who has spent time fussing with a necktie will appreciate the ease of a slide knot that has already done all the work.

Water Bottle

Many young professionals work long hours, so why not help them stay hydrated and energetic with an interesting travel water bottle? Reusable water bottles are better for the environment than disposable ones, so you’ll be making the world a better place just by making a purchase. The options for a reusable water bottle are almost endless and include:

  • Built-in filters and purifiers.
  • Fruit and vegetable infusion options.
  • Plastic or glass containers.
  • Personalized with company logo or name.

Shoe Inserts

If your young professional is on his or her feet for much of the day, consider purchasing a high-quality shoe insert to make those long days a little less painful. Some shoe inserts are adjustable so you don’t even know the shoe size; however, with a couple of simple questions—including “What’s your shoe size?” or “Do you wear heels at work?”—you can get enough information for a customized pair of shoe inserts. Everyone feels better when their feet feel good, so you’re sure to get sincere thanks for the inserts.

Business Cards

Call them retro: many companies no longer provide their employees with business cards, so this can make a great gift. Be sure to stick to classic designs and colors. If you’re buying for a freelancer, include information that is unique to him or her. In other words, list a cell phone number, rather than a company desk phone. Also, use a general career goal instead of a specific company-assigned job title if he or she hasn’t landed in the right role yet.

Business cards also work for a not-yet-employed young professional. You can make them aspirational, and they can be handy at job fairs and employment seminars. Business cards give any job seeker an air of authority and seriousness that employers are sure to appreciate.

Have Fun

Gift giving should be fun, so make sure you pick out something that you wish you had when you were just starting out. Include a friendly, upbeat note with the gift so you can tell your young professional that you wish them all the best. Better yet, if you really love what you bought, get one for yourself, too!


Carolyn Clarke is a freelance writer and a business consultant from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience working with professionals, she has amassed an expertise that is measured by success. When she is not busy with work, she enjoys writing informative articles and reading.