Reasons Why You Should Try On Unique Jewelry Designs

5 Reasons Why You Should Try On Unique Jewelry Designs

If following trends and wearing common jewelry designs you see on every second person doesn’t appeal to you, trying on unique jewelry designs that add fun and freshness to your ensemble is the best bet.

Having a basic jewelry collection is often an issue that we may face. This is because you’ve either worn them too many times or have seen similar designs on others all around you. Adding unique jewelry pieces that compliment your style and personality can be a great way to channel your unique personality in a fun way.

Unique Jewelry Design Ideas

In this article, we look at a few reasons why you should try on unique jewelry designs.

1. Accentuates Your Personality

When you’re looking for unique jewelry pieces, you’ll sometimes come across something that perfectly matches your personality. Unlike most jewelry designs that are produced in bulk, use common molds and specifications, and lack personalization, eccentric and quirky jewelry designs often reflect the designer’s expressions. Thereby, turning their designs to statement pieces that can complement your personality.

Unique Jewelry Designs

For example, switching your regular necklace for a Mjolnir necklace is a great way of turning your ensemble from regular to an artsy expression of Nordic influences.

2. Statement Pieces That Tell A Story

In addition to highlighting your personality, statement pieces with unique designs are often amazing conversation starters. A unique statement ring or bracelet is more likely to get noticed than simple, regular jewelry pieces that people are used to seeing.

A unique jewelry design speaks volumes and usually has an interesting story behind it. Unique jewelry designs come with tales that are great conversation starters–it could be an artistic expression of the designer that has influences of a historic era or made using unique materials.

3. Jewelry With Symbolism

The jewelry you wear should have meaning. Meaningful jewelry like your wedding ring that reflects an aspect of your relationship is more personal than a run of the mill plain wedding band.

Wearing heirloom cufflinks with your family insignia for a business meeting will catch others’ attention and also add sophistication to your look. Similarly, adding traditional necklaces or bracelets that have some historic influences can accentuate your personality traits as it complements the jewelry.

4. Versatile And Easy To Wear

Unlike common jewelry designs that match only with certain looks, jewelry with unique designs are versatile and can be matched with almost any look. Not only are they easy to wear, but you can also use them to accessorize a formal as well as a casual look.

For instance, adding a leather bracelet with metallic runes to a formal look can help lighten up a stiff formal appearance. Sporting steel Viking rings with something casual can add some elegance to your overall look.

5. Never Goes Out Of Style

Most trendy designs come and go at a pace faster than seasons. Keeping up with trends is expensive and costly. However, if you invest in a few jewelry pieces that have unique designs, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and money. Besides, trendy designs are likely to be sported by every second person.

On the other hand, a unique piece of jewelry doesn’t go out of style. How you use it to accessorize your look plays an important role as you can create a fresh look every time you wear your jewelry.

Tips For Wearing Unique Jewelry Designs

  • Keep things simple:

While wearing unique jewelry designs, make sure to choose only one piece of jewelry as your focus. Design your look around your statement jewelry piece.

  • Match your metals with your clothes:

Gold and silver are the most common tones. Gold goes well with brown, earthy tones, and dark hues like ink blue and dark green.

For a sleek look, pair silver jewelry with black and grey clothes. Silver also works well with lighter summer colors.

  • Match your jewelry to your dress code: 

Simple and elegant cufflinks, bracelets, and rings work well for business meetings. Avoid wearing chains and big, chunky pieces for formal meetings.


Wearing jewelry can be tricky, especially for men. Even if you choose to wear jewelry, you’re likely to find trendy pieces in the market that are too common or pieces that are manufactured in bulk and don’t have character. That’s why investing in a few unique jewelry pieces that are meaningful to you can be rewarding.

Other than accentuating your personality, unique pieces of jewelry can often symbolize a tradition, artistic expression, or your unique traits, making it a great addition to your jewelry collection.


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