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5 Surprise Features You Can Add To Her Custom Engagement Ring

So, you have finally decided to pop that all-important question and are now considering the engagement ring. Many men prefer to have the ring custom made, rather than selecting one that is ready to wear, and with so many design options, here are a few novel additions that you can include to really impress her.

1. The Band And Stones Are The Same Colour


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This can be a real eye-opener, and with pink diamonds and the same colour in platinum or gold, you can create a stunning diamond engagement ring that will delight her. Rose-coloured gold with matching stones will really be something special, and once you have found a good custom jeweller, the rest is easy.

2. Use Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shape Ring for Women

If you check out the stunning array of geometric shapes those Ringleaders diamond engagement rings in Brisbane has, ladies would not be able to resist. You will have an extensive catalogue to browse as well. They can help you to design a unique diamond engagement ring that is geometrical in shape, and with their expertise, there isn’t much they can’t do when it comes to ring design. The custom jeweller can take your ideas and turn them into a design that she will cherish forever, and by using coloured diamonds, you can create a nice contrast.

3. Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds Ring for Women

For the girl who really wants something unique, why not have a ring made using black diamonds? There are specialist jewellers who can work with you to create the ideal ring, and as you know her taste in jewellery, she should be over the moon when you pop the question. Black diamonds are not that easy to find, but using an online search engine, you should be able to locate a nearby custom jeweller who has a stock of these unusual stones.

4. V-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

V-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

If you really want to get away from tradition, a V-shaped diamond ring is a great idea, and with platinum and many small stones, this will be a ring that people talk about. The actual V shape can come in many variations, and by using a blend of different colour diamonds, you can make the ring even more unique.

5. Nature-Inspired Ring Design

Nature-Inspired Ring Design

You have to be familiar with your beloved’s style and if she is someone who loves nature, you could create a butterfly feature that has many small diamonds inserted, or there are many other nature-based designs that can be used. By using a natural theme, this will appeal to the eco-friendly woman who likes to help protect endangered animal species.

There are no limits to what can be achieved when it comes to alternative diamond engagement rings. If you are lacking in design inspiration, Google will provide you with hundreds of unique diamond ring images, and when you find one that you think might work, let the custom jeweller take a look. If you’ve got a girl who wants to be different, there’s no better way to demonstrate her uniqueness than by creating a special engagement ring.


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