Highly Sensitive Person

5 Things You Should Know About Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

While dating, you may assume all people are the same, but this is not always the case. You could be dating a highly sensitive person without knowing it, but you will in no time start to see some signs. Highly sensitive people (HSP) have intensified sensitivity, both emotionally and physically. They are very much in tune with others and are profoundly empathetic; thus they always give their loved ones great respect and devotion. They make some of the best lovers due to their great passion and concern for others. However, they find it quite hard to function in a world that feels exceptionally overwhelming. Their greatest need in a romantic relationship is someone who comprehends and respects their sensitivity.

The notion that highly sensitive people are weak is just a misconception. These extraordinary people happen to face a plethora of stimuli that other people do not, which may be overwhelming at any given time. You stand to enjoy the utmost loyalty and passionate love if you get to understand your highly sensitive partner and nurture the relationship.

The following are things you should know about dating a highly sensitive person:

1. A HSP is mostly in tune with the emotions of others

One significant advantage of highly sensitive people is that they are most of the time able to decipher the sentiments of others and empathize with them. When you need a shoulder to lean on, someone to listen to you, or someone to celebrate with when things are good, HSPs will always be there. Nevertheless, due to being in touch with other people’s emotions, they will mostly know when you are holding back something from them or trying to hide your feelings. It is critical to be honest when interacting with them.

2. Sometimes they need “me time”

You may at times find it hard to understand why your highly sensitive partner may be demanding to have some time alone or some space to him or herself. These people can easily get overburdened by emotions, even when alone at home, and therefore feel the need to be alone or enjoy their own company. Even in social gatherings like parties, they may feel overstimulated with so many things going on. The secret is to allow your highly sensitive partner some space and time alone to reenergize, as it is never personal and he or she is being his or her true self.

3. They are stressed easily

Although all people get stressed, a highly sensitive person gets stressed more strongly and frequently. They are typically organized and overthink issues, and they may even feel bad when it’s not necessary. With a partner who is extremely stressed by seemingly minor things, you should refrain from judging them and instead assist them through such things.

4. They can be indecisive

Due to their overthinking about issues and weighing the pros and cons before making a decision, they can seem wishy-washy. The truth is that they are hard on themselves if they make bad choices and have more critical minds. You need to avoid rushing your highly sensitive partner into committing to something or doing something and allow them to think it through to their satisfaction.

5. People are attracted to them

Highly sensitive people are charming, compassionate, and understanding, and these qualities make other people want to be around them. It is very common to find all sorts of people, even total strangers, drawn to them, and they want to share their issues with them or get their advice. If you have such a partner, you should understand why everyone is drawn to him or her.


While dating a highly sensitive person, you should keep in mind the above things related to his or her high sensitivity, and you will enjoy the most rewarding relationship experience.


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