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5 Tips For Buying Wedding Invitations

The wedding is the most memorable and entertaining moments that brings complete happiness for the couple. Preparing for the great day is quite remarkable as there is more to plan. Wedding invitations are the first step to planning for the great day as you need to invite the guests in style. Make sure that the Wedding invitation reflects your vision for the beautiful wedding day and decorate the invitation card to acquire the first glimpse of style. Know how to choose the wedding invitation, ordered, sealed as well as delivered.

The wedding invitation is the first peek of your guests for your marriage, and it is necessary to make it more shine. Nowadays, there are many designs, themes, and colors of Wedding invitation are available, and it is necessary to choose them accordingly. Not sure where to begin? Get the professional help to select the invitation card themes to bring a fashionable look.

It’s no secret as weddings are expensive and most couple likes to cut down the final bill in the best way. One of the easiest ways to cost the cost is through spending wisely on the wedding stationary. Choose the beautiful wedding invitations based on your preferred style, theme and colors, and it would be an excellent method to invite your guests in the much more innovative way.

Define Wedding Invitation Style:

Wedding invitation card needs to be in a style that brings classic and elegant, glam and modern or casual and relaxed mode. When you start shopping for the Wedding invitation card, choose the appropriate invitation style. Browse through the Stationers’ websites as well as others wedding invitations for gathering more number of information.

Preferred Shape And Size:

Traditional size and shape of a wedding invitation card rectangular are 4.5-inch by 6.25-inch. However, there are many different modern or playful vibes with the circular, square and scalloped invitations. In fact, when choosing away from standard envelope size could also increase the price on postage of extra-large invites or bulk invites to send.

Start Early:

When your wedding date is fixed, then you can consider choosing the wedding invitation before 6 to 8 months to the wedding. Choosing the wedding invitation card could take a few days to a few weeks so it would save your more time during the wedding time. Aim to order the wedding invitations about 5 months out so that it would be easier to mail them 5 to 8 weeks before the wedding. Send out your invites even earlier when you have the destination wedding or holiday.

Choosing Colors:

Select the wedding color accordingly, and you need to incorporate your hues into your wedding invitations. Carry throughout rest of your wedding paper with Menus, ceremony programs, and many others to have a cohesive look. Colors like ivory, white or cream card stock paired with the gold or black font would give a classic choice in the formal wedding invitations. In fact, you could easily brighten the invites with the metallic fonts or paper stock, liners and envelopes.

Legible Wedding Cards:

Considering the right colors and patterns of text in the wedding invitations is more important so that the information is legible to read. Avoid dark ink on the dark backgrounds and light ink on the light backgrounds so that it would give an elegant decoration. Background contrasts are enough for words to work or pop with colors to design when compared to the text. Hard-to-read fonts such as the overly scripted typeface would decrease the readability of the pretty letters.


Know the rules of wording in the invitation, so it is necessary to spell everything out on the classic wedding invitations. The text could change the hosting situation and make double-checking before printing.


Julie Anon is a blogger and the content writer of Invitation Consultants which offers wedding invitations and announcements, highlighting style, theme and price breaks.