Makeup Tips for Bride

8 Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

There are plenty of things to prepare for your special day. But the perfect wedding makeup should definitely be at the top of the list. You want to look flawless in your wedding day photos and take your future husband’s breath away when you walk down the aisle.

So, how to best guarantee your makeup looks magnificent? Here are eight makeup tips every bride should know.

Tip #1: Organise a makeup consultation

Even if you are considering doing your own wedding makeup, have a professional makeup consultation beforehand. This will help you identify the colours that’ll best suit your face and your wedding bouquet, for example. A professional can also help you create a look that fits the season and venue. For instance, you need different things from your makeup if you are organising a summer wedding outdoors.

Tip #2: Use the same undertones in eyes, cheek, and lips

You’re wedding makeup doesn’t need to be monochromatic but you don’t want the underlying undertones to be different. You want the makeup to have a subtle and common theme. It’s not a good look to have your eyes jump out just because they don’t have a similar colour scheme to your cheeks and lips. Wedding makeup should definitely be fresh but timeless at the same time.

Tip #3: Avoid the shimmer

You’ll spend a big portion of your day under camera flashes. Combine this to a slight perspiration and a shimmery makeup will cause your face to look like a light bulb. You definitely don’t want to add a lot of shimmer to your look.

Instead of shimmer, opt for highlighting. You can use the foundation and a concealer in a lighter shade than your skin tone for a natural highlighting. Dab a bit of your foundation on the arch of your brow bow and on the inner corners of your eyes. Blend the foundation well and you’ll look naturally glowing and not shimmery.

Tip #4: Use blotting paper and powder

Every bride knows that they need a few makeup essentials in the handbag. But many think the number one product is a lipstick – it’s not. The key wedding day handbag must-have is actually blotting paper and powder. You can use them to remove the shininess from your skin and add a more matte finish throughout the day. Forevermore Compact is a great blotting powder to add to your handbag.

Tip #5: Line it up

If you are looking for that classic look that’ll give you an easy face-lift and a sophisticated finish, you want to go for top eyeliner. You want a sleek, yet rather bold, line along the upper lash line for a classic look. Use pencil eyeliner and then add more depth with a layer of liquid line. TheStila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is a great choice for a long-lasting liquid eyeliner.

Tip #6: Pick a moisturising and longwearing lipstick

Again, don’t go with anything super glossy for the lips. You don’t want them to look too shiny, as it might not look as fun towards the tenth new layer you add throughout the day. A moisturising lipstick is a perfect option in your chosen colour. Furthermore, you want something that lasts a long time. Stila and Revlon are great brands to opt for. You can find them online and save with discount codes.

Tip #7: Remember to apply makeup to the neck

You should always remember to even out your foundation around your neck, but you definitely need to do this with wedding makeup. Remember that you’ll be wearing white, which can suddenly contrast your face colour with the dress and your chest and make the uneven tone stand out. Depending on your stress, it’s a good idea to even it out properly – having a slight tan a day or two before the big day is a good idea to consider.

Tip #8: Don’t forget about timing

Finally, your wedding day will be one big feat in timing. You need to get all sorts of scheduling done and sorting out your makeup will be on top of this list. It’s essential that you leave enough time for the makeup (and hair) to ensure you don’t stress and panic on your most important day. While your makeup artist will always do everything to be on time, do leave a 15-minute bumper on everything. It’ll help you stay calm and composed even if something does go wrong. In general, the wedding makeup should take between an hour and an hour and a half. If you’ll also get the same person to do the mother of the bride and the bridal party, you need to leave a lot of time for it all!

Always remember to think what you actually want from your wedding day makeup. Let professionals give you tips and listen to their opinion – but don’t feel like you need to do everything they say if you don’t want to. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your wedding day makeup.

So, when planning for your special day, remember these eight makeup tips and you’ll feel and look stunning on your wedding day.


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