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5 Tips On How To Create A Perfect Outfit In A Hurry

Perfect OutfitThere are always instances from our lives when we wished we had just that extra time to look better, plan better. But time just runs away all the while and keeps us wondering where we spent that precious time. We are always in a hurry. There are instances like airlines losing our luggage, so are we going to spend 24 to 48 hours in that outfit till the luggage us retrieved? Be prepared than being sorry. We are always going to be in a hurry, but that should not stop us from being prepared. That should not stop us from looking good.

We share the top 5 tips to create that perfect outfit in a hurry.

1. Start dressing up from the bottom

One look at your shoes and you will be able to decide what color outfit you are going to wear. Stick to the basics. Avoid open toe shoes or even platform stilettos. Shoe choice dictates the outfit to be worn. Before hand buy a stylish but comfortable pair of shoes. Sandals are one stylish option. They can give you that much needed comfort and maintain the stylish look. They are more sophisticated than those flip flops that you just want to glide onto. Sandals give a dressy touch to your ensemble when in hurry and don’t have time primping. When you like a pair of shoes, you can have them in probably two colors to match various outfits in your wardrobe.

2. Comfortable well fitting clothes

In an effort to look trendy and stylish, do not forget to feel comfortable, choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. Comfort often helps you exude confidence in whatever outfit you wear. Your clothes should be well fitting and ironed. All the preparation done one night before will help you get ready faster in the mornings.

3. Select only one store to shop

Choose a store that you have had success in the past, don’t experiment much. This will help reduce shopping time. The shopping trip becomes less overwhelming. There will be time on hand when you stick to one experimented store. Spending time and keep on changing your mind about different costumes in 20 stores will only increase your confusion. It will not help in putting together a perfect outfit.

4. Classic designs

Classic designsIn many circumstances a well fitting pant is hard to find. So we recommend giving up pants. When you are trying clothes in a fitting room you should take multiple size of the selected garment in the fitting room. This saves lot of time in place of running back and forth and then forgetting which aisle or stack it was kept. Also in the fitting room, the three way mirror is your friend. You can see the back look and not keep pondering how the garment was looking. Try picking up neutral shades, personally black is favourite but you can also opt for camel, beige, tan, navy, grey etc. You can also check out what the store has to offer. Try and select classic cuts and shapes in dresses and skirts as you are aware beforehand, how they would look on you. Like a straight cut knee length skirt for professional wear or the classy little black dress which can be dressed up either way is a must have in the wardrobe.

5. Add color and accessories to wardrobe

Accessories To WardrobeJust don’t stack the black color in your wardrobe. Have some bright colored clothes too. They are a big help when you have to mix and match your style. Also keep accessories like belts, trendy jewellery, blazers, hair accessories etc handy.  Some colourful pair of earrings and variety of belts, maybe a thin one and a broad one surely aids in choosing for that perfect outfit look. A simple look can be made trendy and wow by simply accessorizing in the right way! Sunglasses are another wise buys. When you barely shower, putting on the makeup seems superfluous. You can go natural. Put on your sunglasses, it can disguise that natural look and protect you from harsh sun rays.

When you wish to go natural on some days, keep your skin well hydrated and cleansed.

Mix and match the option you have got. You will reach your destination also in time and also have a boost to your self confidence when people appreciate the way you look.

These five top tips will surely help when shopping in a hurry.


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