New York Fashion Week 2013

Straight From New York Fashion Week: What’s In Store For Spring/Summer 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013With New York Fashion Week over, it’s time for fashionistas to think about shopping for their new wardrobe. There were a lot of interesting concepts presented and it’s time to fill up that closet with the newest trends.


Prints have always been a staple in every woman’s closet. However, the new trend for the coming year is mixing and matching of various prints. A floral dress can be worn with a houndstooth jacket, or a geometric skirt with a snakeskin top, or a polka dot blouse with tapestry pants. The goal for next year is to have fun with all kinds of prints available.


Peplum will also be big next year. It can be worn anywhere, in the office, in school, or even during a night out with friends. Actually, peplum was first presented at the New York Fashion Week last year. This style first took the runway so many years ago, in the 1940s. With the passing of time, people see the improvement in peplum fashion. A skirt, dress, or peplum top can be worn with a peplum jacket. If the jacket or top is made denim then it will be twice the fashion fun because denim is also trendy but it will be great if both denims have different washes. A piece of peplum clothing provides a silhouette like that of an hourglass thus, peplum fashion is expected to be a hit by next year.

Lace and Chiffon

Lace and chiffon are expected to make it into each woman’s closet next year. Skirts, shirts, tank tops, and evening gowns from various designers all have either chiffon or lace as material. Lace can be used as detail to a particular piece of clothing. Chiffon and lace can even be combined together for an exquisite look as both fabric exhibits the delicate femininity of every woman. Also, an upcoming trend is putting chiffon over a short skirt. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a mini skirt, you can opt for this fresh style because this is more wearable than a mini skirt.

Slim Suits For Men

Presented during the 2013 Spring Fashion Week, fitted suits for men are making a fashion statement. Well-made slim suits will give the refined look to men of all sizes and ages. Because men want to dress well like the women, expect these men to don slim cut suits in breathable and durable fabrics like wool so that they not only look well on them, they’ll also feel great when they wear them. Colors for next year include a spectrum of polychromatic hues like silver, olive, copper, purple, yellow, lavender, turquoise, pink, orange, and red which can flatter every man.

Double Breasted Suits

The double-breasted cut for men is making a comeback next year. Slim fitted and double breasted, these suits in blue linen are perfect for the tall and thin modern man. Linen, an effective yet misunderstood piece of fashion, can be expensive but very flexible. It can be worn in various scenarios and settings are apt for fashion-forward men. A monochromatic ensemble can be contrasted with subtle red tie to bring the somewhat boring look to life.

Pastel Colors

It is also surprising to see various clothing pieces in springy colors at the recently concluded New York Fashion Week. Aside from the usual pieces of clothing, even sport coats and loafers now come in pastel colors. Men who want to keep their looks understated and simple but still want to look good can opt to add a dash of bold color to his wardrobe. They can choose shirts in lime green or pastel orange and pair them with their khakis.


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