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5 Useful Tips for Planning a Bachelor Getaway

Anyone planning on getting married? Congratulations! Just don’t go planning your bachelor getaway as most people inertly would. This is a time for celebration and requires a little personalization. Maybe your typical exotic dancers, getting hammered with alcohol, and waking up with a tattooed face are not the go-to solutions for everyone’s idea of a bachelor party. Although there is nothing wrong with these concepts per se, things don’t necessarily have to go off the rails to be deemed successful.

Historically, bachelor parties were solemn occasions – gentleman sophistication at its finest. It was a civilized evening with smoking, feasting, and toasting to bride’s and groom’s health. When you draw the line, the modern variations of bachelor soirees are a bit over the top, aren’t they? If you feel like you are pressured into doing something that doesn’t quite sit with you or just need a little inspiration, here are

5 Useful Tips for Planning a Bachelor Getaway

1. Setting the stage

Everything is location, location, location. However, before you make any decisions, check with the groom-to-be first what is in his mind about the venue. Don’t go assuming things or doing what you want because those are his final single days and not yours. Sure, some would like to it to be a haven of debauchery and sin, while others might prefer a stag do escape in Krakow, Prague, Riga or any other up-and-coming European destination. Frankly, there are a million ways to do it. Also, does he want to invite his school buddies, people from college, and current friends? Or, is he aiming for something more intimate? All of these things are important to ask before giving the green light.

2. Hustle and bustle

If the man-of-honor is up for getting up and getting out, then you know what you should do. Rent a rafting trip, go hiking and camping, book an adrenaline activity like paintball, skydiving or bungee jumping – whatever just as long as the bachelor extravaganza is teeming with activity and excitement. If the event is packed with people, then you might have to find a central location to host the event. On the other hand, if there are fewer people invited, you are free to move as you please and make the occasion more like a weekend getaway.

3. The pub crawl

There is no denying the fact that drinking is the focal point of bachelor events. You might as well make the most of it. If you know your area well, you can opt for group discounts, coupons, or book a custom-tailored tour of pubs. The crux of the matter is: some bars and pubs are perfect for these crawls while others aren’t and it is best to skip them. Also, think of fun ways to spice up the festive sprint, such as matching shirts or a theme that shows you are all together as a group.

4. Mix the schedule

The getaway doesn’t have to be 100% non-stop action. There should also be an opportunity to just chill, keep things mellow and casual. If you plan on going on a weekend trip, try to have a laid-back Friday where you can catch up, pig out on junk food, drink some classy liquors like whiskey, and indulge the manly perks. Saturdays should be reserved for the XXL adventure, where everyone is well rested and ready to bring the house down. And on Sunday, pack some aspirin for hangovers and recuperate because the groom has a big day ahead of him soon enough.

5. Down by the water

Yes, the most fun activities happen near water. Whether you want to go deep-sea fishing, kayaking, cruising or attending a beach party, everything is more exciting when there is an ocean, river or lake close by. You can either isolate yourselves by booking a private houseboat or visit the seaside where all the hustle and bustle happens, especially during holiday season. Wherever you choose to go, water is an interesting factor which can add spice to the whole experience.

Quality companionship, vibrant parties, and lots of drinks are an unmistakable recipe for a successful bachelor night or weekend. But make sure to customize this experience. There are no rules to organizing bachelor getaways. There is only creativity and imagination.


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