Outfit While on Dubai Journey

6 Tips: How To Best Outfit While on Dubai Journey

Outfit While on Dubai JourneyDubai is the city of ethnically diverse people. A combinations of different norms, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles can be seen here all around. Being located in a Muslim state, Dubai has certain norms and dress codes that must be followed by the citizens as well as by outsiders. Dubai welcomes visitors around the globe. If you are on a journey to Dubai and are willing to know more about the city and its lifestyle, try to gel with the residents. If you are really enthusiastic about being an aspect of them and do not wish to keep out like a painful thumb, regard the norms and lifestyle of Dubai.

The following are the few main points that might help you take suitable clothing when you are planning your Dubai trip.

1. Dressing To Protect Yourself From Climate

When journeying to Dubai, be sure you have enough stuff to keep yourself protected from the chronic heat of the Arabian desert. The severe heat can damage your skin so it would be nice to wear full sleeves cloths and apply sun block lotion.

2. Be Modest

It would be nice to wear modest clothing while you are visiting the city. With this you can enjoy your trip with a safer way and it will save you also from being harassed. While visiting Mosques and other respectable buildings, it would be nice for women to cover their heads, wear long sleeve shirts and also cover their legs. But nice thing you will experience in Dubai is that if your dressing is suitable to enter in such places they can provide to a long gown to wear.

3. Dressing While Shopping

Obviously when you visit Dubai, shopping must be your priority. But the question is when you are out for shopping what should be worn. So it is not something difficult. In shopping malls you must be in modest dress as you can see sign boards mentioning about the dress code that must be followed when in the shopping malls.

4. Dressing Over The Water

Dubai trip could not be separated from the  water journey. Indeed they together complete your trip. So when you rent a yacht in Dubai, there is no strict boundary of dressing although you must be careful of the weather. If it is hot wear light stuff but for safety measure must bring some shawl and warm outfit in case you are going for night stay. Otherwise the climate over the water remains very pleasant and soothing.

5. For Swimming

If you had a plan of swimming in the fresh water of Dubai then must bring your swimming costume with you. Moreover at the beach side you can wear a bikini and shorts but if you have a plan to swim in the Hotel pool then till getting the pool you must be in modest clothing.

6. Dressing At Public Places

Dubai, is quite a traditional Islamic city, so has some norms while dressing at public spaces. People can use only that are according to the Dubai lifestyles and that do not disturb the religious ethic.

I hope the above given information about dressing while having a long vacation with your family and friends in Dubai might help you to avoid any convenience during your Dubai trip. Moreover it also saves you by taking extra luggage with you.


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