5 Celebrity Homes that Awe and Inspire

Celebrity homes are as close to dreams as you get. They say money can’t buy you love and happiness but, oh man, we’d sure like to find out if that’s true. Take these five absolutely incredibly celebrity homes as an example. We believe that we could be happy sleeping in their bathroom tub!

Tiger Woods

Jupiter Island, Florida

$60 million

Tiger Woods Home FrontTalk about wow. 10,000 square feet on a 10 acre lot. Rumor has it the basement alone has a game room, wine cellar and professional screening room. There are of course fully equipped training and sports facilities. That includes tennis court, a looooong lap pool, and a 100 foot track. Oh, and a golf course. Woods keeps his 155 foot yacht in his private dock.

Matthew Perry

Hollywood, California

$8.65 million

Overlooking the Sunset Strip, this post-modern, three bed, four bath, three fireplace house is an incredible structure of steel and glass. The garage is rumored to be worth almost 30 grand. He wakes to a spectacular view of Los Angeles since the master bedroom has glass walls. The bathrooms have chandeliers. Talk about fancy-schmancy.

Matt Groening

Santa Monica, California

$11.7 million

Matt Groening Home RoomsWho would’ve thought the man lives larger than Mr. Burns? Built in 1910 by legendary architect Robert Faruhar, the house has seen a number of modernizations. The main floor has five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. It’s been said there’s a fireplace in every room, as well as a hidden garage and wine cellar. The master bedroom has its own living room.

John Travolta

Ocala, Florida

$4.9 million

John Travolta Home Top ViewThe famous actor awakens every morning and strolls outside to his private runway, where one of his private planes is always waiting. The property also houses a small control tower. The garden is a heliport. There is a stable for his over 70 horses, a well equipped gym, a 1.4 mile runway, and swimming pool with hot tub.

Kelly Clarkson

Hendersonville, Tennessee

$2.8 million

Kelly Clarkson HomeThe music superstar can pick from seven bedrooms and nine and a half baths. There are winding staircases, an elevator, wine room and a massive kitchen. Sit back and watch a movie in the theater or work out in the gym. The terrace in back faces a beautiful lake. Newly married, the Grammy winner has plenty of places to put her awards.

Okay, we have to give McCartney and Lennon their due. Money probably can’t buy you love. But it is easy to believe that if we could afford the kind of digs these celebrities have, we’d be happy!


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