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7 Most Frequently Copied Body Parts of Celebrities by Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the fastest and simplest way that can allow you to adjust your body to your personal taste. The great thing about this is that you can get any sort of look that you want without too much effort and really re-sculpt your body to your liking. Add to all this that you can even look like some of your favorite stars and you can see why plastic surgery is so popular today. These are some of the most popular body parts which belong to celebrities and that people look up to when they want to get surgery done.

1. Popular Nose Jobs

Natalie Portman Nose JobSurgeries that involve changing the size and shape of noses are some of the most popular ones today. Most people get them in order to look like somebody they like or have a specific shape in mind that best suits their face. Natalie Portman’s nose is one of the most popular and most asked-for nose shapes that you can get today. It is perfectly shaped and in most cases, it can fit any shape of the face. This makes it one of the most popular and most requested body modifications.

2. Amazing Lips

Angelina Jolie lipsAngelina Jolie’s lips have made her one of the most stunning and popular sex symbols today. There are few faces that can carry this amazing look but in her case, it really looks great. This is by far why so many people ask for lip surgeries that will give them lips that look just like Angelina Jolie’s. She is also credited with essentially starting lip fill surgeries and giving them the massive popularity that they have today.

3. Sleek Jawline

Few people can say that they have the perfect jawline. Hugh Jackman’s jawline is definitely not one of them. As one of the more popular plastic surgeries with men, jaw line makeover has really become popular in recent years and most people ask for Hugh Jackman’s jawline shape when they do decide to have this sort of surgery.

4. Perfect Curves

Salma Hayek CurvesThere are few women today that look as good as Salma Hayek and her fantastic ratio of curves is what made her one of the most beautiful actresses today. With all this said, it really is no wonder why so many people ask for her look when they go for breast enhancement surgery. With the overall popularity of enhancement surgeries today, and the perfect look that Salma Hayek possesses, it is no wonder that the vast majority of people decide that they want the same look as well.

5. Stunning Booty

Kim Kardashian BootyFew people can claim that they are famous just because of their booty but with Kim Kardashian, that really is true. This celebrity is one of the main reasons why various cheek implants and enhancement surgeries are so popular today. The curvy look that Kim Kardashian introduced into the spotlight has really made her one of the most popular celebrities that you can see today and this is probably one of the main reasons why so many people want their booty to look just like hers.

6. Fantastic Chest

Jessica Simpson breastFew plastic surgeries are as popular as breast augmentation surgery and one of the many reasons for that is that a lot of people want to look just like Jessica Simpson. This amazing singer started getting a lot of attention in 2004 for her vocal skills but her amazing looks didn’t go unnoticed and today her fantastic chest is some of the most popular looks that people ask for from their plastic surgeons.

7. Great Abs

Matthew McConaugheyGetting a perfect set of abs and getting rid of extra weight can be extremely difficult. Matthew McConaughey’s great look has already inspired a lot of people and it’s easy to see why so many people would love to look just like him. His perfect abs are some of the most asked for today. In some parts of the world just searching for terms like cool sculpting in Perth, will present you with Matthew McConaughey’s amazing abs, and thanks to cryo lipolysis, now you can have that look that you always wanted.

Getting the perfect body that is in line with your personal wishes and desires has never been easier and the rather limited list of side effects that may come up is a good reason to try it. The sheer number of different looks and simplicity of different plastic surgeries really means that today you can look like your favorite celebrities with little to no effort.


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