Prom Dress
Prom Dress

Finding A Prom Dress That Fits The Code

Picture it: you’re sitting in a white chair right on front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors. You’re wearing a glamorous, fitted, white dress and you’re in a chain store.

But it’s not the “one” for prom night. The dress just doesn’t seem right.

It’s every girl’s dream to head off to a prom dresses boutique to find something that will have her feeling like a princess. But from the choice of low backs, plunging necklines, bare midriffs and almost non-existent hemlines, it can be really hard finding a dress that you, your mother and your school approve of.

It can be especially difficult finding something the school will approve of. While long dresses are particularly in style, the plunging backs can pose a school-approval challenge.

You may well walk into any prom dresses boutique and fall in love with a dress on the mannequin. You might come across the perfect long, elegant dress. And then you notice the plunging low back and sheer nude fabric.

These days many schools have a strict dress code for prom. Typically, these codes include not wearing dresses that fall lower than the bra line. Some schools go so far as to offer downloadable pdf’s of the do’s and don’ts for dressing for prom.

Dare to pick a dress that the school doesn’t agree to and you may well be sent home for dress code violation. And don’t try to cover up with a shrug or shawl either – many chaperones will check when you walk in and ask you to remove the shawl.

So the key to a happy prom is finding a dress that makes you feel beautiful and stays true to your style while keeping in line with school rules. Not all dresses are made to fit all body types so finding the perfect one at prom dresses boutique will help you feel more confident.

Pick a couple of dresses to try on to see what suites you best and while adhering to the school prom dress code. And if it doesn’t quite suite the code, find out if alterations can be made.

Many schools require that prom dresses must go past the thumb when your arms are straight down – so around upper to mid-thigh.

It can be a challenge in today’s short dress times. But do try to find a compromise or find out if the dress can have a layer of taffeta or lace added to create a longer skirt. The same goes for low-cut open backs – try to find a compromise or have the gown altered to fit in with the dress code.

A good prom dresses boutique will be able to help you pick out dresses to suite all elements and leave you feeling like the belle of the ball.

Remember to wear good underwear when you go prom dress shopping to ensure the dress fits well and covers up everything it is required too. Chances are plunging necklines and cleavages are going to be frowned upon by the school – and even mom.

While it can be tough shopping for the perfect prom dress, start off with an open mind and positive attitude and you’ll soon be heading home feeling like a princess. Adhere to the school dress code and your prom night is sure to be a positive, special and memorable event.


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