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6 Tips: How to Choose a Diamond Shape for Your Engagement Ring

Style is everything, at least to some people. How you accessorize tells the world not only how you see yourself, but how you’d like to be remembered. This is true in nearly every situation, but is especially important when it comes to choosing your engagement ring. Not only is the size of the diamond is important, but the shape as well. It should match your personality and your style. Following are a few tips on how to choose a diamond shape for your engagement ring.

Choose Engagement Ring

1. Do Your Research

Before deciding on what sort of diamond to get for your engagement ring, you should do some research to find out what types, cuts, and shapes are available. Not every stone is cut the same, and they can be cut in different styles. The diamond you choose should match the personality of your intended, as well as how they look.

2. Sometimes Smaller Is Better

The size of the stone in your engagement ring will be important to your intended, but it shouldn’t be your primary concern. Sometimes larger diamonds don’t really match her personality. Far more important is whether she is happy with it or not. So, it is the shape of the diamond, rather than the size, that should be of utmost concern.

3. Different Shapes for Different Hands

Women with large hands are able to wear larger stones without having them look out of place, while those with small hands may be overwhelmed if they are given a ring with a large diamond. Flashy stones in large settings will look out of place on a woman with smaller hands. People with small hands may look better with a smaller stone, because it’ll make their hands look bigger. Oval or pear shaped stones will make shorter fingers look longer. So the shape can definitely affect how a person looks while wearing an engagement ring.

4. Lifestyle Is Important

Women who live an active lifestyle may not be happy with larger stones, because they could continually get in the way. The ring may actually get caught on doors, windows, or kitchen appliances. Even people who work with computers for extended periods of time may not be satisfied with larger stones, because they’ll be a distraction. If your stone has high prongs, they could get caught on clothing, or scratch other people while you’re going about your daily affairs. You also have to take into consideration how your ring will be perceived by your casual acquaintances. If you normally live a conservative lifestyle, a large stone may be out of place.

5. Dare to Be Different

The most popular shape for a diamond on an engagement ring is round. But not everyone likes to go with what everybody else has. They dare to be different. For those people there are a variety of different shapes to choose from. You can choose from pear, oval, emerald, princess, marquis, and heart shaped diamonds. Each of these has a distinctive shape that will make your ring stand out from everyone else’s. The shape of the stone should complement the band that it’s set in. You will also have a choice of the setting the stone goes in. This should also set off the stone, and go with the band.

6. Cut Is Different than Shape

When you’re trying to decide what shape you want your diamond to be, make sure you keep in mind that the shape will be different than the cut. There are many different types of cuts. The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance and shine, while the shape refers to whether it’s round, square, rectangular, or some other shape. When you choose a diamond, you’ll be deciding on how it’s cut, as well as the shape. If your primary concern is the shape, you probably won’t mind if the stone isn’t quite as shiny as it could be. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the shape you choose will not be brilliant or shine, it simply means that you put more emphasis on the shape than on the cut. How brilliant or shiny the stone is after its cut will depend mostly on the stone itself, and the expertise of the craftsman. There are many fine diamonds in a variety of shapes and cuts that are guaranteed to please nearly anyone.


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