Keep Sun Protection Gear Ready

6 Ways To Protect Your Tresses This Summer!

Summer’s a great time to go on a long drive with the wind in your hair, relax on the beach, go surfing or head to the pool for a long swim. But heat, humidity, salt water and chlorine can damage your beautiful tresses and in doing so, play spoilsport to your summer plans. The damage in the form of sun-parched, frizzy and coarse locks can leave you in despair for weeks.

Here six simple tips to avoid hair damage during the hot summer months. They’re guaranteed to keep your tresses soft, lustrous and healthy when you head out on the road, to the beach or in the pool this season.

6 Tips for Perfect Summer Hair

1. Give Hair Drying and Styling Gadgets a Miss

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You don’t want toasted hair this summer and that’s exactly what heat-based drying and styling tools can do to your hair. Hair dryers, flat irons and curling tongs strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving you with dry and bristly locks. After a wash, let your hair dry naturally or simply towel dry. To style hair, use styling creams or gels. A good summer styling tip- Apply serum on hair when it’s damp, braid the hair or twist it in a bun and uncoil when dry to get natural Beachy waves.

2. Moisturize and Nourish Your Hair

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Use shampoos, conditioners and serums with deep nourishing formulas that gently moisturize and hydrate hair but don’t over wash hair. Rinse hair in cool water to lock in the hair cuticle and give your hair a natural shimmer. Hair masks are great to repair any damage already caused by the sun. Apply a hair mask for about 20 minutes or even overnight to allow the treatment to go through the strands and restore your original tresses.

3. Soak Hair in Clear Water

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Before taking a dip in the pool or ocean, douse your hair with clear water. Your hair will soak up the water which forms a protective layer on your tresses and reduces damage caused by high chlorine or salt content. Rinse your hair after a swim with bottled water to wash away any remnants of chlorine, salt or dirt.

4. Keep Sun Protection Gear Ready

Keep Sun Protection Gear Ready[Image credit:]

Wide-brimmed hats are great to protect your hair from the sun. If you’re afraid of hat-hair, flaunt slicked back hair with leave-in conditioner when lazing at the beach. It blocks sunlight, salt water and grime from wrecking your follicles and leaves you with gorgeous hair all day long.

5. Protect Colored Locks

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Colored hair needs extra protection during the summer. The sun can bleach away the hair color, leaving your locks looking dull and limp. Use hair products that are specially designed to retain hair color and make sure you wear a hat or apply leave-in conditioner with sunscreen formula before heading out.

6. Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

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Chemical-infused hair products are a complete no-no for the hot weather. Ingredients like alcohol and ethanol in hair sprays dry the hair, making it brittle. Use hair products with natural ingredients. Coconut oil and vinegar are great natural products to retain your hair’s natural shine all through the summer.

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