Female Friendly and Unbiased Themes

6 Ways Women are Transforming the Online Gambling Industry

When we think of women and gambling, we might think of grandmas at a Bingo hall with their lucky charms, a cocktail waitress, or a woman running a blackjack table in Vegas. For decades, gambling has been a reasonably male-centric industry, but these days, women are more influential in the online gambling industry’s growth and success.

Do you love playing a game of online slots on your phone or partake in a virtual Fantasy Football league with your pals from work? Your interests, and the thousands of other women like you, are to thank for helping transform the online gambling world as we know it today. Here are a few ways the industry continues to boom, thanks to women’s interest in online gambling!

Women are Transforming the Online Gambling Industry

1. Female-Friendly and Unbiased Themes

In general, gambling has always had a bit of a bad reputation, especially when it comes to the relationship between men and women. If you think of old school Vegas, you might think of women as arm candy rather than having a seat at the poker table or as a scantily clad showgirl.

While some Rat Pack era casino glam is always fun to revisit every now and then, casino game themes have often portrayed scantily clad women and other potentially offensive material.

As more women visit and play at online casinos, games may be more gender-neutral or showcase strong female characters. Some online casinos have gone as far as to rename their casinos to appeal to women players.

2. Variety in Online Casino Games

When it comes to the types of casino games that women prefer to play, studies reveal that slots, Bingo, and traditional games like Keno are more popular than poker and blackjack. Of course, there are plenty of women who love poker (think actresses Allison Janney, Jennifer Tilly, and Shannon Elizabeth) and other more strategic, traditional casino games.

Online gambling has made it easier (and welcoming) for women to try any type of casino game thanks to tutorials, free plays, and plenty of variety.

3. A More Personable and Social Experience

For decades, many women avoided brick and mortar as well as online casinos due to an unwelcoming or overwhelming atmosphere. In addition to improving game designs and female-friendly themes, many online casinos strive to make the experience social, personable, and welcoming with features like live dealers.

On another note, online casinos offer anonymity which allow women the opportunity to play confidently and safely in a gender-neutral and unbiased environment if they choose to.

4. Mobile Responsiveness and Cross Platforms

While male gamblers are more likely to head to a brick and mortar casino or sit at their computer to play online, women are more likely to play on their mobile devices while they are on the go or multi-tasking throughout the day.

Since playing on a mobile device continues to be one of the most preferred ways to enjoy online casinos, sites are more mobile responsive and are available on a variety of platforms.

5. Incentives and Welcome Packages

Online casino creators understand how important it is to attract and keep women visitors to their sites. Because women are more likely to be loyal and repeat customers, online casinos tend to offer incentives and bonuses on special holidays like Mother’s Day.

6. Employment Opportunities in the Industry

Not only are online casinos becoming more female-friendly, but the industry itself is diversifying the workplace by hiring more women. From game ideas and technical design to marketing, women continue to play an integral role in how women gamble and the future of the industry.

While nothing beats an iconic girls getaway to Vegas, online gambling is an industry that relies on women players and is making strides to make it more inclusive. If you’ve never played online slots or tried your luck at video poker, there’s no better time to visit some of the best online casinos. Want to stay up-to-date on new games and some of the best top-rated casinos? Check out Online Casino Bluebook for tutorials, reviews, and other information from a team of industry experts.


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