Bucks Party Destination Ideas in Australia

7 Best Bucks Party Destination Ideas in Australia in 2019

Australia is a wonderful tourist destination full of spectacular beauty. Along the coast, there are vibrant cities, ancient rainforests, beautiful islands, and the Great Barrier Reef. If you are planning a bucks party soon. Australia is a fantastic party destination. This article from Absolute Blonde shows you some of the best bucks party destinations in Australia you can consider.

1. Sydney

Sydney is one of the biggest cities in Australia, and it is definitely among the best bucks party destinations. Like any other major city, it features a wide array of life and activities. There are some amazing activities you can enjoy on a bucks party weekend.

Your friend is getting married soon, so why not show him what he will not be able to do after he is married? Take him to a strip club full of female strippers. The clubs in Sydney are spectacular.

The Men’s Gallery is an old-fashioned gentlemen’s club which has private rooms together with a la carte dining. If you prefer a classier place without nude waitress, The Old Fitzroy Hotel is a great option.

2. Adelaide

Adelaide is a quiet city and definitely one of the best places to have a bucks weekend gateway. Here you will get to connect with nature.

There are plenty of heralded vineyards such as the Barossa Valley, and nature reserves like the Kangaroo Island which you can visit. Other exciting activities include ghost hunting, paintballing and aerial dynamics.

3. Gold Coast

Looking to experience city life on the coast? You should check out the Gold Coast. This place is full of top-notch beaches and multiple party venues.

You can choose to have your bucks party on a boat cruise or visit the Dreamland if you want to experience some thrill. The Dreamland in the Gold Coast city is among the biggest theme parks on the Australian continent with some huge coasters.

For a night party, check out the current club crawls happening in this city. The Elsewhere Bar is a great place for enjoying some Indy dance songs and cool drinks. In addition to that, you can opt for racing on the extreme go-kart events in Gold Coast.

4. Brisbane

Another bucks party destination in Australia is Brisbane. Your buddies and you will have an epic time in this city because it has fun activities for the daytime and wild activities for the nighttime.

You can check out the Brisbane clay bird shooting, which is a manly bucks activity. Paintball is also a fun bucks party idea while in Brisbane. Moreover, you and your buddies can take part in some Go-Kart racing matches or have a boat cruise. This city is home to some of the sexiest women in Australia, and what better way to show the groom how much you value him than by entertaining him with some nude waitresses?

5. Melbourne

Melbourne is among the most livable places in the globe. It is the unofficial sporting capital of the Down Under country and there is no shortage of activities to do in this city.

Sports enthusiasts can visit Melbourne Park, Rally School or the MCG to tour the grounds or watch a sporting match. Beer lovers can take a visit to the local brewery, and party hounds can check out the vast range of clubs, and shows. Some clubs even have a topless waitress.

6. Perth

This city is home to small bars, lively coast and countless days of sunshine. You and your bucks party friends can participate in sandboarding, surfing, diving, jetpacking and other coastal activities.

Check out Lancelin just up the coast, which features amazing white sand dunes. You can fish, windsurf, drink beer, snorkel, and just have fun while in Perth.

7. Arlie Beach

If you want a place with white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and girls wearing skimpy bikinis, Arlie Beach in Australia is the perfect place for you.

You can relax on the boat with your buddies and female strippers entertaining you or do some fishing. Shuber Harbour is a great fishing spot. You can also go snorkeling in the crystalline blue waters.

The well-known Whitsunday Sailing club, which hosts the Arlie Beach Sailing Race, is located in Arlie Beach. You can get to learn some sailing.


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