Oludeniz Beach Turkey

7 Best Wedding Destinations Of Turkey

Overseas weddings are becoming very popular and Turkey is considered one of the best wedding destinations and one that is sought after by many people. This is due to its stunning beaches, friendly culture and warm tropical climate. It is also the destination that is reasonably priced in the Mediterranean region.

The following are the best wedding destinations of Turkey that only requires you to have a Turkish Visa

 1. Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz Beach TurkeyOludeniz is considered as the best and an idyllic location for hosting your wedding.  It offers three styles of venues that are exclusive hence guarantee you a successful wedding. This destination guarantees privacy of garden wedding, gullet celebration on the Mediterranean blue waters and a romantic beach ceremony. The three venues provide you with perfect settings to choose from. There are standard packages for each wedding venue.

2. Turunc Bay

Turunc BayThis destination is only accessible by boat and it is considered as your dream venue for Mediterranean wedding. This destination boasts of marvelous pristine beach, romantic waterfront restaurant and crystal waters. All these are located in secluded cove on Fethiye Bay Islands. The bay is surrounded by phenomenal cliffs hence offers you and your guests an exclusive setting for beach wedding.

3. Meri Resort

Meri ResortThis destination is set high on a mountain side that overlooks the famous Oludeniz blue lagoon. Meri is a private resort hotel with three secluded sand beaches all with phenomenal beach and lagoon back drops. Because of the unique location and size of the property, located at quite edge of the Oludeniz beach, the destination offers romantic venue for beach wedding.

4. Red Island

Red IslandThis is a unique venue for your wedding in Turkey. It provides you with 360 degrees view from all the terraces, isolated alcoves as well as sensational sun setting over Mediterranean. The venue also has good Taurus Mountains in its backgrounds.

5. Paradise Gardens

Paradise GardensParadise garden is a boutique hotel with hidden oasis located on the mountainside that overlooks Oludeniz.  This hotel has the best and extraordinary wedding gardens in Turkey. The garden is spread all over a large maze of bougainvillea terraces and boasts of beautifully scented flower gardens, exquisite stone masonry terraces, fruit trees and hidden dining alcoves. The hotel grounds provide isolated terraces that can host your guests.

6. Paradise Beach Oludeniz 

Paradise Beach OludenizThis is located 2 minutes away from Oludeniz buzz. It is a sparkling jewel of the Mediterranean situated in the shady forest of pines with a pristine beach that offers it unsurpassed beauty.  The beach is located around the grounds of a famous national park and situated between the Likya world resort and Oludeniz main beach. This venue was open for the first time for wedding in 2012. It offers unprecedented beach setting environment and because of poor transport access and location, there is minimal tourist traffic hence making it a private wedding destination.

7. Oyster Residence

Oyster ResidenceThis is located on the shores of Oludeniz and it is a beautiful boutique restaurant within the courtyard overlooking Oludeniz beach.  This venue is decorated tastefully by use of wood, organza, ceramics and stone. The wicker sofas and silk cushions that are of Ottoman style, gives he venue a general Mediterranean effect.

The above mentioned are the exotic Turkey’s best wedding destinations that only requires you to have a Turkish Visa and your loved one with you!! To explore a great and make your wedding a best memory for you and your family.



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